Friday, 26 June 2015

[KFA70] Dj Luna-C - Almost No Spiders, Guaranteed EP (Executive Edition) [Out Now On Kniteforce Again!!!!]

1/ Keep Coming Hardcore.
2/ Buggin’ Out.
3/ All The Worlds Banana’s.
4/ Hear Me Now.
Executive Edition Track
5/ Fuck You (Because I’m Fucking Angry 2).

Arachnophobes beware!!! Kniteforce label owner Dj Luna-C has not been resting on his laurels since the release of his groundbreaking 'Risk! EP' last month. The 'Almost No Spiders, Guaranteed EP (Executive Edition)' follows hot on the heels of it's predecessor this month with 5 massive tracks to rip up your soundsytem! 
'Keep Coming Hardcore' which opens up the EP does exactly as it says on the tin with an energetic hardcore techno backing beat overlaid with classic rave vocal samples to keep the trainspotters happy, and a monstrous, infectious stab riff to get right under your skin. The manic rave energy continues with 'Buggin' Out', which propels big band brass swells, hip-hop elements, a cheeky nu-metal (do they still call it nu-metal anymore???) vocal sample and manic keyboard motif over a throbbing hardcore-tek beat and bassline. 
With a cheeky nod to the Invisible Man's 'The Tone Tune', 'All The Worlds Banana’s' raises the euphoric vibes with massive 1992-styled pianos, stabs and diva vocals combined with frenetic synths and pounding kickdrums. 'Hear Me Now' adds a touch of junglistic flavour to the hardcore melting pot, with chopped up amen breaks peppered with strong reggae/ragga vibes and call to 'listen to the drum and listen to the bass' (courtesy of Musical Youth). The track still maintains that 'Luna-C' hardcore attitude with a pulsating bassline and warped riffs aplenty.
Last year's 'Because I’m Fucking Angry' from the 'A Whirlwind Of WHAT? E.P' receives an excellent, mental 2015 update in the form of the 'Fuck You (Because I’m Fucking Angry 2)' remix to close the EP in a manic fashion. Expect the 'Almost No Spiders, Guaranteed EP' to take no prisoners when it comes to soundtracking the 'rave' experience. Essential listening!
Dj Luna-C's 'Almost No Spiders, Guaranteed EP (Executive Edition)' is available to purchase from the Kniteforce Revolution webstore link below, for the bargain price of $6.50 (approximately £4.13 in UK money, so less than a quid per track!)...

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