Monday, 8 June 2015

[JEDI 5] DJ Jedi - Artificial Intelligence / Earthbound (Remix) [Limited Edition 12" Vinyl Pre-Order + Digital Release!]

A - Artificial Intelligence.
B - Earthbound (Remix).
Striking while the iron is still hot from his previous white label, the 'Do This!' 12". DJ Jedi is back with his fifth release on his own Jedi Recordings label and isn't showing any signs of stopping his commitment to supplying the needs of the vinyl buying public any time soon.

'Artificial Intelligence' kicks things off jungle tekno style, with a pounding 4/4 kickdrum backed by a rugged, layered breakbeat and techno infused stabs reminiscent of the oldskool classics coming from labels like Basement Records, Smooth Recordings and Sound Entity Records. DJ Jedi manages to capture a pure revitalisation of that short lived, classic 1993 hardcore/jungle sound.

On the flipside Jedi remixes his own track, 'Earthbound' and gives it an amen break fuelled, junglistic twist over the original's jungle-tekno flavour. The remix maintains the 'spacey' vibe of the original mix whilst adding an added booming bassline to spice things up and create a perfect blend of smooth atmospherics and roughneck rhythms.

Altogether DJ Jedi has provided another essential addition to his vinyl/digital portfolio to suit all serious hardcore junglists, both oldskool and new.
DJ Jedi's 'Artificial Intelligence / Earthbound (Remix)' 12" is available to pre-order from the DJ Jedi Bandcamp page for £7.99 (or more if you wish to contribute), plus postage and packaging, and is expected to be ready for distribution mid-July. All vinyl pre-orders will receive a digital copy of 'Artificial Intelligence' on payment as a taster, with the full album becoming available once the vinyl copies are ready for posting. The JEDI 5 12" is limited to 100 copies so all vinylists will need to be quick!!!
The 'Artificial Intelligence / Earthbound (Remix)' will also be available in digital format also after the vinyl release date. Be sure to check out DJ Jedi's extensive digital  and vinylb ack catalogue also.

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