Saturday, 27 June 2015

Gareth Monks - Untitled EP [Available Now From Dark Til Dawn Records!!!]

1/ Feeling High.
2/ Defunked.
3/ Aura.

Frequent Strictly NuSkool Blog musical contributor Gareth Monks joins forces with the Dark Til Dawn Records label to bring you the 'Untitled EP'. Three deep, dark and moody jungle/D&B tracks to unsettle your speakers.

Gareth sets the ball rolling with the hardstepping 'Feeling High' which sets the mood with ominous synths and Funky Mule breaks alongside jazzy keys and female vocals extorting 'I'm feeling high'. A top blend of light and darkness.
My personal favourite, 'Defunked' drops next in a 1993, darkcore-style with timestretched metallic breaks, rapid-fire stabs, rumbling bass over a 'Humpty Dump' break. A minimalistic track with deep and dark undertones.
The 'Untitled EP' closes with the epic 'Aura', a heavy slab of current drum & bass with junglistic undertones throughout. The track is opens with dubby, reverbed piano stabs before launching into a solid 2-step breakbeat accentuated by soothing string sections which morph into a moody, twisting synth melody on the latter part.

The Gareth Monks 'Untitled EP' perfectly combines 3 massive drum & bass monsters for both the mind and the feet. An essential addition to any junglists' collection.

Gareth Monks 'Untitled EP' is available to download now from the Dark Til Dawn Records Bandcamp webstore for the bargain price of $1 (approximately £0.64 UK money), or more if you wish to support the artist and label...

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