Sunday, 10 May 2015

[SNBEP012] Bassraver - The Old Skool Daze EP

The 12th digital release of the Strictly Nuskool Blog is out now and available on free download driven by the storming hardcore breaks of a 'new blood' in the production, who has been showcasing his talent all over the last months of 2014, the man like Bassraver (also radio dj on Renegade Radio) hailing from UK.

'The Old Skool Daze EP' is the title of this 3track EP where oldskool meets nuskool!

Here are some personal words from him about this release, which is his 1st originally released EP

"(My love of white labels...) Back in the 90s when we all got are vinyl from record shops after buying my various records for that week off the major labels Ioved nothing more than to go crate digging looking for these wonderful white labels that were released no name not titles just 2-3 trackers with mash ups or similar sounding track to some out on a major label at the time , so this is what I try to do with my own tracks make them sound like a white label feel with a few nu skool twist This is a 3 tracker where ive tried to get that 91-92 feel to it , with a mix of oldskool breaks and flowing piano riffs with big amens and heavy basslines . hopefully capturing that oldskool white label feel . Massive thanks to the strictly nuskool blog crew for there support Hopefully you enjoy the e.p''


01. Bassraver - Return To 92
02. Bassraver - Trippy Days
03. Bassraver - Now Hear This



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