Saturday, 23 May 2015

Orestiz 'Toxic Tunes'

Graff art by Bboy Ton - Cover by Orestiz

A great member of Greek Hardcore Breaks scene, like Orestiz returns with a fresh 'bboi hardcore' gem in the name of 'Toxic Tunes', which is available to grab on his fresh bandcamp page. SNB crew is always next to his work as far as he's already involved on 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.1' with 'Ruffatest' vibe and 'The 1k EP' with 'Wake up And See' bomb, both releases out from this Blog and various stuff also on Intensive Recordings and Hardcore Lives Records.
Unique skills and tons of talent coming out from his hardcore brain! Total respect and proudly greek spirit, Orestiz has put his own character to the Nu-Rave scene all over these years!

'Toxic Tunes' was given 1st exclusive airplay on my radio show some days ago, with a great responce from the crew heard it for the very first time!

So the time is now, grab your toxic copy here


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