Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Luna-C & Reeve - A Million Miles [VIDEO] (Taken from the KFA66 Risk! E.P.)

I'm awake and you're asleep,
its sunday morning and the sunlight starts to creep,
Past curtains drawn, I guess it wants to keep you warm,
I am lying by your side,
I slept too long but now my, eyes are open wide,
I turn and say,
Do you love me, today?

These are the starting lyrics of a new tune, coming from the heart of Luna-C and his Reeve side project . It's the 3rd videoclip in the row titled 'A Million Miles' taken from the upcoming KFA 66 Risk! EP, an essential release of mr. Howell as he has been talking in full detail these days about it, describing every track and video procedure and opening his heart to the masses about how this release was decided to come out. 

Of course once again, you can taste a really cool video, different from the previous ones as different is its music style but the point is what Risk! EP is targeting mainly!
It's a self value of Luna-C, following a sweet dark path...

" This one is really important, to me at least. It is…sort of…the genesis of the E.P, and therefore everything else, the rebirth of KFA and my desire to make music again etc etc. The completion of this track marks the point where I started to take control of myself and rebuild myself. It also marks the point at which I finally felt like I was an artist for real. I know that is a weird thing to say lol, but there it is. However, the reason I say “sort of” is because the original version of this track had different lyrics. I changed them because they did not suit the track, and because they were written at a very dark time..."

Read full of his blogpost here: 

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