Monday, 18 May 2015

[KFA66] Luna-C + Reeve - Risk! EP (Executive Edition) [Available From Kniteforce Again]

1/ Take Me Home.
2/ Can It Be Sweet.
3/ Remorse + Glory.
4/ A Million Miles.
(Bonus Executive Edition Only Track)
5/ Under The Sun.
Chris Howell (aka Luna-C, Reeve, Cru-l-t, and a plethora of other pseudonyms) embarks on his most ambitious musical projects with the release of the brand new 'Risk! EP' on Kniteforce Again. Combining his trademark hardcore sound under the Luna-C moniker with his more traditional song-writing persona Reeve, to compose an astounding 5-track EP of self-vocal led songs from all corners of the rave sphere, accompanied by 4 excellent music videos.
'Take Me Home' sets the ball rolling with Reeve providing rebellious yet anxiety fuelled vocals overlaid with frenetic D&B breaks and an ominous, twisted bassline. Jumping from D&B straight onto pounding, euphoric breaks driven upfront hardcore with 'Can It Be Sweet' accompanied by Chris's bittersweet vox yearning for change. 
'Remorse + Glory' kicks off with gabber-esque kickdrums as the driving force, accentuated by warped synth stabs and surrealist lyrical content. Watch out for the monster trance riff midway!!! My personal favourite track, 'A Million Miles' follows next. Merging gentle guitar licks, soothing piano melodies and lilting lyrical songmanship with tearing drum & bass percussion and growling bass. A song which appears uplifting on first hearing, yet contains a sense of melancholy on further listens.
The Executive Edition of the 'Risk! EP' closes with the rousing trance, breaks, and hardcore crossover, 'Under The Sun'. Has Luna-C (and Reeve of course) achieved his ambitious goal of combining deeper lyrical content within a rave based medium with 'The Risk! EP'? You only have to listen to understand that Kniteforce Again has passed all expectations.
The Luna-C + Reeve 'Risk! EP (Executive Edition)' is available from the Kniteforce Revolution webstore for a limited time, for the $6.50 (approx £4.15) before being sold as individual tracks (with the bonus track being withdrawn from sale!!!). So be quick!!!
Be sure to check out awesome Luna-C + Reeve 'Risk! EP' music videos below.
 Take Me Home
Can It Be Sweet
Remorse & Glory
A Million Miles
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