Sunday, 17 May 2015

[Dark Til Dawn Records] Msymiakos - Liquid Gansta E.P [Available From All Good Digital Music Stores On 20/05/15]

1/ Wannabe Gangsta.
2/ Danger Zone.
3/ Liquid Metal.
4/ Era 1994.
5/ Liquid Metal (Rad Rods Remix).
6/ Wannabe Gangsta (FOTH Remix).
7/ Liquid Metal (XIVIX Remix).
Thundering junglistic breakbeats fused with booming sub bass is not the first style of music that you'd associate with Norway. However resident Norwegian junglist, Msymiakos has been a staunch supporter of roughneck drum & bass sounds since he first began producing music back in the mid nineties. Preferring to keep things as close to the sounds of the Golden Era of jungle as possible, Msymiakos continues to use Amiga-style tracker software to this day to retain that authentic feel to his music. Which is all too evident with his first release on the Dark Til Dawn Records imprint, the 'Liquid Gansta E.P'.
Containing four original works from Msymiakos himself and three remixes, the 'Liquid Gansta E.P' opens with the ragga and gangsta rap vocal-tinged 'Wannabe Gangsta', which combines soothing synth washes with tearing chopped up amen breaks as if it was still 1994. Using some cheeky modern, animated comedy sleuth samples, 'Danger Zone' follows on in a similar fashion by upping the percussive elements on the breaks to create  stepping track for those who love their edits.

The first of 3 mixes of 'Liquid Metal' drops next, fusing mellow jazzy flourishes in the intro into a veritable barrage of breaks, culminating in a guaranteed hardstep anthem. Watch out for the 'Champion Sound' vocal sample! 'Era 1994' does exactly as it says on the tin and recreates 1994 jungle's obsession with mashed amen breaks, rudebwoy vocal snippets and bass throbs to a tee.

Rad Rod (one half of  Conquest Recordings 2Brainz) steps up to the plate to give 'Liquid Metal' an overhaul, welding on manic, fractured breaks to manufacture a drum-funk heavy remix. 'Wannabe Gangsta' sees FOTH at the controls with his lushly atmospheric yet rinsing, amen based remix. Lastly comes the 'Liquid Metal (XIVIX Remix)', which draws the EP to a close with a bassline which would make Dillinja, circa the mid-nineties, acknowledge that he has serious competition.

If you had serious love for the oldskool jungle sound of the '90's then the 'Liquid Gansta E.P' comes highly recommended.

Quantum Progression Audio's Bright Lights provides an excellent taster of Msymiakos' 'Liquid Gansta EP' to whet your appetite...

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