Tuesday, 26 May 2015

BANGFACE WEEKENDER 2015 [Review from Kushti (SolidSoundFM) & DJ Sets/Photos]

I wanted to share some words from a Bangface suspect or should I say a hardcore victim of this massive 3day mayhem, to reveal in public and under his own mind what's the magic of this year's Bangface, which is growing day-by-day all over these years!
An experience that every raver should live nowdays, including the best acts in the oldskool & nuskool scene!
Kushti from Solid Sound FM was there and has been asked to say few words about this year's BangFace!

'' For somebody with an eclectic taste for some of the crazier rave music genres, there's nothing like looking at a line-up for a major event and recognising just about every name you love on it. Sometimes, you might see something which has a few great names, but the rest of the performers are not only new to you, but when you check out their sound you're left feeling disappointed. Maybe it's not worth the effort, just for those super but under-appreciated mad acts that you love.

When you look at the Bangface weekender line-up, you might wonder how is it that they are so in-tune with the vibe you're looking for. Like a kid in a sweat shop, your eyes scan the menu on offer and excitedly jump from one great name to the next.
Kenny Ken junglist don, Pierre and Phuture originators of acid, T99 Belgian hoovers to the max, the whole Off Me Nut crew. It's all simply too much. Ceefax Acid Crew banging out the tunes to a few thousand people is something not to be missed. Igneon System and Pet Duo masters of hardcore. Bong-Ra one of the biggest names in breakcore.
Really, all at the same event? Altern-8, Luke Vibert, The DJ Producer and Audiotist. And that is just some of the 130 acts on a three day weekender.

It's not just the acts that make the weekender, it's the people who attend too. This is not normal music for the masses, except when your at Bangface weekender. Everyone is on the same vibe. There is no limit to crazy. Everyone is on this same mad mission, and soon normality and the desk job, dole queue, responsibilities and your boss are quickly forgotten. This is your escape with like-minded people. Friends you consider family and random strangers you'll embrace with talk and handshakes. And when you need a break, you can always head back to your room, sleep on an actual bed or make a cup of tea, recoup the energy and jump back into the madness. Like they canted during Dave Shades' set; -don't stop the party- ''

Following some sets as recorded from the BangFace Weekender from various producers/acts and some photos that have been uploaded recently on the main Bangface website !

T99 Oliver Abbeloos DJ set @ Bangface Weekender 2015 [website - facebook]

Lenkemz @ Bangface Weekender 2015 [facebook - youtube]

Dave Skywalker & Demon Cabbage @ Bangface Weekender 2015
[ DS website] - [ DC facebook]

PETDuo @ Bangface Weekender 2015 [website]

Chin Stroke @ Bangface Weekender 2015 [facebook]

DJUEP @ Bangface Weekender 2015 [bandcamp]

Disowned @ Bangface Weekender 2015 [facebook - website]

CUN7 @ Bangface Weekender 2015 [website - facebook]

Audiotist @ Bangface Weekender 2015 [facebook]

Kushti @ Bangface Weekender 2015 [websitefacebook]



Bangface Weekender 2015 photos are live now and you may check em here: http://www.bangface.com/archives/weekender2015

Bangface Weekender 2015 - Photos (http://ymlp.com/zPb5rV)

Bangface Weekender 2015 - Photos (http://ymlp.com/zPb5rV)

Bangface Weekender 2015 - Photos (http://ymlp.com/zPb5rV)

Bangface Weekender 2015 - Photos (http://ymlp.com/zPb5rV)

Our best wisher for the next year's massiveness featuring the best from the best on the lineup once again!
BIGUP BANGFACE & all Hard Ravin' masses!


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