Saturday, 23 May 2015

Apzolut - Fierce Dynamite [ENCOUNTERS RECORDS]

When a label is driven from the mastermind hardcore raver FFF and his gang like Copacod and Newk and is also strictly Dutch born, then the result would be definetely successful!
The 3yr old label Encounters Records is one of my fav in the oldskool breaks/jungle/breakcore/Ambient/IDM kind giving its own character in the scene with a great variety of talents on its roster!
Its 9th release came out about a month ago and deserves your full attention & support especially if you are a junglist guy!

This time Apzolut (KetaCore, Orange Socks, Lomechanik, Breakcore.NL) , one more proud warrior from the label, which might be also know to you after remixing FFF's 'War Is In the Dance' on the mighty '20.0000 Hardcore Members Can't Be Wrong' album, is offering 5 jungaaal vibes and 1 more experimental journey on 'Happy Mass' on his personal 'Fierce Dynamite' EP. Proper bizniz and uplifting amen breaks on a serious...traditional Dutch dish!

This release is available to buy now from the official Encounters Records bandcamp page starting by the price of €3 only - click here

Rate: 8/10
Fav Track: 'Dead Crackhead's Dinner'

Mastering by Stazma The Junglechrist

Cover illustration & design by Dyanko Van Breemen

Co- designed by Beorn Lebenstedt, Tommy de Roos

Logo design by Joshua Decker



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