Monday, 20 April 2015

WF13:: Artemis - Cheesy Madness & Emotion [WAFFLE RECORDS]

Had some chat with Luffy asking him to gimme some info about the new offerings from his own label Waffle Records, posted on his Soundcloud page some days ago.

So.. Artemis was started as a project from Luffy (21yrs old) for...relaxing . This 2track release is inspired by the really early work of Dj Sharkey ('Can, Can You Do It') and Billy Daniel Bunter (the first GBT Release for example).

Happy hardcore overdose from Hungary's skillful producer, who's in my opinion on the most outstanding and mental nuskool brains at the moment despite his youth.

Hands in the air and smiley weapons on your faces..!
Props to the L!



  1. Amazing stuff. Luffy offers his releases as 128 kbps MP3s through his zippyshare. Do you know if there are higher quality versions floating around somewhere? Hell, I'd pay for higher quality.

    1. That's a bit interesting cause i never used zippyshare for any file sharing and i always use 320kbps. :D This release is available here btw but all of the tracks will be free in the future on bandcamp or mega. Thanks for your kind words!!TMlCzIjB!iANBA05Qm5YL4PSAW8cOfw51971ntaVxDNvrMnvkgP0

    2. It's called zippyfire. My bad.
      It looks like a website that makes an automatic archive of soundcloud accounts or something. Inferior quality, too.
      Thanks for linking your mega. I'm a big bandcamp user so I'm looking forward to your bandcamp site.
      Again, fantastic music.