Monday, 27 April 2015

Rising High Recs Remastered Back Catalog Online

Here at the blog, we have masive respect and admiration for Grimey Rob the man responsible for getting the back catalogs of several oldskool imprints online and remastered, White House, Impact, Ruff Guidance and now Rising High originally founded by the late Caspar Pound with a legacy that goes way back to the birth of of breakbeat hardcore in 1991, the digitally remastered back cat is now online available to purchase with a handful of releases currently available and more to come, you can pick up classics like 'The House Is Mine' 'Rainbows In The Sky' and many others here. While not wishing to go on a rant, just a bit of encouragement rather, anyone in the business will know what a labour of love it it is to do this, the cost of mastering, artwork, distribution etc....Fans of famous Rock/Pop/Reggae artistss from way back when are always ready to support the music they love and reinvest, in contrast although we may claim to love the oldskool, the failed attempts at getting Altern 8 & LFO to the U.K Xmas No1 in recent years are telling, sure we may have it on vinyl but it costs a couple of quid for a wav and even less for a 320 mp3, we could push these tracks into the Beatport, Juno & Trackitdown charts and show oldskool is still alive, just a thought to ponder on. Buy

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