Saturday, 18 April 2015

REALWILD present - The Insight Movie [Hardcore Movie From The Hardcore City]

I had some good chat these days with a Russian warrior based in Omsk called Alexander Stabrovski aka Johnny Kaos sharing with me his brand new project as directed along with Felix Kelevra. It's about a Hardcore Movie from the Hardcore city driven by the bright ideas of these rave activists in Siberia.
And the title of it?.... 'The Insight Movie'

Check out some useful info he gave me about this new movie/documentary and watch the trailer of it aswell to go deeper in the underground.... Something different from the others that needs your support and will surely draw your attention.

A big уважение (respect) to all Russian Oldskool & Rave masses!

" We make a documentary about rave culture in Siberia, Russia. Please, help us to spread information about it!

We are a group of friends, shoot a film about dance culture and alternate lifestyle of Russian periphery. Our city - an ordinary, pale and hopeless hotbed of depression and hatred, the city-factory, like the rest of provincial cities in Russia. Our film tells a story of the poorly known world of non-metropolis, non-touristic, 'ordinary' Russia, and people trying to overcome it.

We have always been associated with dance subculture. When we had the opportunity to shoot - we decided to tell what is going on inside the culture and how it reacts to the processes taking place in society, how it affects the people and who is involved in this process. We don't shoot a film for our city, or for our country, or for the international community, because rave scene has no boundaries.

Playing music and dance from the immemorial times and, it seems, will do it till the end of mankind. Choice and motivation, family and finding place in society - our film raises important questions as to the local audience, and for society as a whole. At the same time, the movie is not intended as a complaint book, primarily, this film is an anthem of freedom, peace, respect and love. And yet it's fun and cool!"

" The film is in its final stage. Within six months of filming we visited many different places, filmed kilometers of film strip, made a couple of discoveries and got a lot of emotions. All this time the film was financed from our own funds, as well as unlimited help of friends, so all this time, we remain independent, controling the creative process.

Our film is not about strictly rave culture themself. The first, it's about rave culture in russian reality. People in this country living a very special lifestyle, and it's difficult here to be a raver. That's what our movie about. It's not about genres & styles of music, it's not about history of rave movement in Russia. We talking about what is going on here & now. We wanna know how the society transform the subculture of raves & on the contrary what can we as a ravers suggest to make this world a better place.

But, our movie of cource contain a lot of music materials (exspecialy russian producers) & videos from parties, a lot of fun stuff. You know from drum&bass to gabber, from techno to breakbeat, even edm-culture. Of cource, the first, we talked with promoters, DJs, producers, second, we talked with everyone who feels themself a raver or have a message about it. We got some "stars", like DaVip, DMNDZ... Also, we're talking about a specific 'rave problems', like drugs, or relationships with parents, or how is society perceives us... "

About us   " That's not so easy, because it's our first serious project. We live in Omsk, Russia. We are two guys, a media activists, who cares about the future of a culture, or maybe, we should say, future of a lifestyle we chosed. I have two blogs on ( and - where i acquaint russian audience with rave culture. This is my soundcloud ( with one of my mixes. The second guy is engaged in photography & video (here is his Vimeo blog with some videos -"


" So, we promoted a few local parties and saw that something is going wrong with understanding the ideas of our culture, many people just don't know that the rave culture is more than just a music. And that's not only about parties, that's about whole culture.

People don't see the connection, but everything is united in the culture: this means that if you're in bad political situation, for example, or have a low level of education mass of people - it's affect at your very personal subcultural relationship. That's why we decided to do this project. But it's not so easy to makes people believe you. That another big problem: how to be heard, if mass of people not interested in deep understanding that types of things. We have this situation in Russia, and we appeal to the international community, even though we are familiar with the texts of Christopher Howell about 'hardcore scene 2015' and we understand that things goes not good on the international scene now. I think our movie would be interesting for you guys, because we faced the same problems and questions.

We are not anonimous, but the world don't know about us, and we find that it's ok, because the case is not about us. Thank you for talking about it with me. It's very important for me. "



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