Saturday, 25 April 2015


1/ Cronin - I Hiroshima.
2/ Aize - Music's Hypnotising.
3/ JDubz - People Of Earth.
4/ DJ Lien - Welcome To The Future.
Following swiftly on from the 'Feel The Power EP'. Paranoid Recordings are back with their second forum track making competition series. 'The Future EP' features 4 free hardcore, junglistic slammers for you to rinse out.
Cronin gets the ball rolling with the mentally euphoric 'I Hiroshima', chock full of heavyweight amen breaks , vocal samples and enervating rave stabs to get your rush on. The pace steps down a tab with 'Music's Hypnotising' by Aize which introduces some mellow jungle vibes before things go dark and moody with the Reese bass and tearing breaks!
JDubz drops some uplifting, piano led jungle with 'People Of Earth'. Packed with rolling breaks, classic bass pulses, Omni Trio-esque melodies and a mentasm propelled midsection to get your neck-hairs standing. To close things off DJ Lien drops the tempo a touch with his stepping 140 junglistic 'Welcome To The Future', complete with a monstrous, growling bass and soaring synths to sooth your soul.
An excellent EP of equally individual and devastating breakbeat and bass fuelled future anthems, and all free to, so get on it.
'The Future EP' is available for free download from the link below... 

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