Monday, 20 April 2015

Luna-C & Reeve - Take Me Home [VIDEO] (Taken from KFA66 - Risk! EP)

The Hardcore master Luna-C has revealed yesterday a new videoclip of him combining his hardcore ID with his songwriting & lyrics aspect like Reeve. It's titled 'Take Me Home' and it's the 1st from the 4 videos in total of his forthcoming personal 'Risk! EP' .
On this release Luna-C is actually giving a self tone with lyrics from soul and a different kind of expression this time. It's maybe more deep than ever as he's experimenting on Hardcore through his emotions and real feelings. And finally that what is all about art...

Worth sharing some words from his new and big blogpost on the official KF Website talking about this project and the 4track 'Risk! EP' [KFA66]

"....It has taken over 8 months to put this together. It is called the Risk E.P because it is risky on a number of levels. Firstly, I am combining personal lyrics with the various styles of hardcore and d’n’b and gabber and old school that I love. This is, obviously, a bad idea. Secondly, it involves me singing, which again, it could be argued, is a bad idea. Thirdly, I cannot write lyrics that don’t have truth in them. For a person that does not put his feelings out there in the world, that is terrifying. And right now you are probably thinking the same thing as I was when I started to do this E.P – “Seriously? A hardcore Dj combining guitars and hardcore? Emotional lyrics that are not about rainbows or flying high in the sky? And lets call it a…passable…sort of singing? That is a disaster waiting to happen"

Read full of his blogpost here:

Check out the 'Take Me Home' video here:

Watch this space for the next 3 videos from 'Risk! EP' ...


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