Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Luna-C & Reeve - Remorse And Glory [VIDEO] (Taken from KFA66 - Risk! EP)

Luna-C Killed The VideoStar! No it's not meant as a joke but a great sign to draw your attention and upgrade your luv to the legendary producer/dj and owner of Kniteforce spirit!
So.. The second video is now up, as promised from him, and looks more banging than expected! This time 'Remorse And Glory' following up to the 'Take Me Home' is a complete hardcore burner, gabber like, with lyrics coming from the heart (as Chris keeps on sayin about the whole Risk! EP)

"Remorse & Glory was a whole different bunch of issues. I hired a friend who runs a film company to film and edit it. This was filmed in downtown Raleigh in the snow, and on a bridge above a freeway at night and also in a studio. It took a lot of planning. I pitched down the track so that when recording the footage, I was singing it at 75% slower than it should be but doing my hand movements etc at double the speed. Then, once the recording was finished, we sped the film up – this made it so that my hand movements were ludicrously fast but my lips were still in sync. I was very pleased with the result."

Read more in full details on his fresh blogpost here:


KFA66:: Luna-C & Reeve 'Risk! EP'
Take Me Home

Remorse & Glory 

A Million Miles

Can It Be Sweet

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  1. THAT WAS FECKIN' COOL!!!! Loving the 'Risk EP' vids so far. This one looked a blast to do (despite the cold!). Gonna be a massive EP!!! :D