Friday, 24 April 2015

[KFA65] Various Artists - The Recent Remixes (Executive Edition) [7-TRACK LIMITED EDITION REMIX EP FROM KNITEFORCE AGAIN!]

1/ Anglerfish & Lucider (XTATX) – Smashed (UFO Remix).
2/ Doughboy – Heartbreaker (Al Storm Remix).
3/ Empyreal – Forward Never Backward Ever (Doughboy Remix).
4/ Dj Luna-C – Fly To Heaven (Haze Remix).
Executive Edition Tracks
5/ Empyreal – Winter Is Coming (Dj Luna-C Remix).
6/ Doughboy – Heartbreaker (Eat Rave Remix).
7/ The Timespan – Hold Me Passionately (Demcore Remix).

Kniteforce Again introduces a mammoth collection of upfront hardcore dancfloor slammers for their next Executive Edition release, 'The Recent Remixes'. Which as the title suggests sees 7 of the freshest Kniteforce tracks receive inventive new remixes.
U.F.O. is first up to step up to the remix plate with the pounding trancecore revamp of Anglerfish and Lucider's 'Smashed'. Doughboy's 'Heartbreaker' receives the first of two featured remixes. Beginning with an upfront hardcore update from Al Storm and an uplifting D&B styled revamp from Eat Rave.

Doughboy takes on Empyreal's euphoric anthem 'Forwards Never Backwards Ever' whilst Haze hardtek's the heck out of Luna-C's 'Fly To Heaven'. Empyreal then gets an epic Dj Luna-C makeover for his 'Winter Is Coming' track complete with trance riffs and dubsteppy bass throbs. To close things off, The Timespan's 'Hold Me Passionately' gets a Demcore, 4/4 hard house update to wind things down in an energetic fashion.

To conclude 'The Recent Remixes' contains 7 exclusive and exhilarating reworkings that'll get any rave going at full pelt. So don't hesitate to grab the Executive Edition before those last 3 tracks disappear into the ether!!!
'The Recent Remixes (Executive Edition) EP' is available now for a measly $6.50 from the Kniteforce Revolution webstore for a limited time only. After that then only tracks 1-4 will be available to purchase individually. Be sure to check out the soundclips on the link below!!!
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