Monday, 13 April 2015


A - Do This!
B1 - Jedi On E's (The Final Chapter).
B2 - Scratch Samples.    

Following on swiftly from his previous 'Jedi On E's' 12", DJ Jedi has struck while the iron is hot and unleashed another classic 1992 themed vinyl project to stimulate the mind and feet of all oldskool lovers.

On the A-Side 'Do It!' kicks things off as if 1992 had never ended with chunky breakeats, thundering bass and classic 'Landlord', one note piano stabs. Keep an ear out for the nods to DJ Reckless and Quadraphonia on this one!

On the B-Side, Jedi wraps up his tribute to the legendary 'Jesus On E's' Amiga demo disc with 'Jedi On E's (The Final Chapter)'. An oldskool sample rampage featuring a myriad of classic breaks, riffs, stabs and vocals that makes a fitting conclusion to the 'Jedi On E's' trilogy.

For the vinylists out there the 'Do It!' single comes with some bonus scratch samples to get those sets jumping!

The 'Do This!' 12" vinyl and digital single is available to pre-order from the DJ Jedi Bandcamp page for the bargain price of £7.99 for the vinyl (plus free digital copies) and £2.50 for digital versions.

And for anyone interested in picking up previous DJ Jedi releases and many more oldskool and nuskool goodies, there are limited quantities available from the excellent Seventh Story Projects webstore...

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