Thursday, 30 April 2015

10 Years of Tornado Records [Anniversary Gig in Lodz / DJ Tornado 'Tornado' Mix & Interview/Nefti Anniversary Mix]

A great label in the name of Tornado Records, hailing from the capital of Nu-Rave and Hardcore Breaks movement (Lodz/Poland), is celebrating 10 years of Hardcore life, hardcore activity and still pumping over the beloved Polska! Showing much respect and full support to DJ Tornado's work so far in the scene, i've invited him to my radio show (Generation X) to drop a celebrating 10yr anniversary mix of Tornado releases and being also interviewed talking about his forthcoming Tornado events with NRG [Liquid Crystal] & Altern 8, giving his opinion about Nu-Rave scene at the moment and naming some of his fav producers.

Much goodies on the following link and a really interesting interview with DJ Tornado!
Time to get to know him and the label better if you haven't already..



All Polski and Hardcore Breaks crew save the date!
16th May 2015 in Club Bagdad Cafe 1990 , Lodz/Poland!

★★★ Tornado & MC Leo ★★★
with Special Guests:
The Flashback Project, Sonic Fortress, Baseclub, Oblivion, Mikolajek, Nefti, Kasper, RIP Danger, Oneplayz, Lunatic, Break-E, Shaky, Ponk, Piko, Alien, Gibo
MCs: MC Leo, MC Fantazia, MC Akira

more info about the tickets of the gig, check here:

Finally one great member in the Nu-rave scene, dj/producer/owner of Intensive Recordings, already involved on many Tornado release, the one and only Nefti has made a special mix featuring a best of selection of Tornado released tracks. Wonderful stuff!


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