Tuesday, 31 March 2015


A1 - Living in Chains.
A2 - Fiebings (BSP Mix).
B1 - Well Of Souls.
B2 - Trails (Franker R.I.P).
The highly esteemed Yellow Machines label famous for it's eclectic and high quality multi-genre back catalogue introduces it's brand new offshoot label Modified Magic with a 4-Track digital and  Limited Edition 12" vinyl EP from Tap Throw (AKA Luke Williams/Quinoline Yellow).
The 'Dip Switches E.P' take you deep into vintage jungle territory from the onset with 'Living In Chains' kicking off the EP with a classic Think break accentuated with jazzy synths and miniscule rave stab FX. Atmospheric and dreamy synth washes envelope you on 'Fiebings (BSP Mix)', driven on by stepping breaks and gentle bass throbs.
'Well Of Souls' opens up the B-Side with a clockwork, breakbeat intro before unleashing crunching Virgo breaks overlaid with a thumping bassline and classic jazz sighs to get the sample-spotters ears twitching. Closing track, the hypnotically drifting 'Trails (Franker R.I.P)' combines rhythmic and atmospheric keys with intricate breaks and spinback effects.
If the classic mellow sounds of Reinforced Records and A Guy Called Gerald circa 1994-95 sends you off to jungle heaven then Tap Throw's 'Dip Switches E.P' will be a guaranteed welcome addition to your record box.
The 'Dip Switches E.P' is scheduled for a full vinyl and digital release in April, however Yellow Machines have a very small quantity of 12" vinyl pre-sales available to purchase now before the release date, for £8.99 plus P&P from the link below...

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