Sunday, 15 March 2015

Uphoria 006:: DJ FAT CONTROLLER "In Complete Darkness" A side "Original version" AA "Anniversary Mix" [VINYL] & 'In Complete Darkness' REMIXES Album

The almighty DJ Fat Controller returns with some huge anniversary goodies, all about his big '93 anthem 'In Complete  Darkness'. First release is a vinyl one (Uphoria 006) and second one is a digital Album of all 'In Complete Darkness' remixes/ entries after a competition he run some months ago.
For those who purchase the vinyl release can also get the World Dance 1993 Soundtrack Mix 'digitally remastered' on CD. No doubt, a valuable gift to yourselves and any oldskool hardcore soldier representing the vibe from back then. You can get this limited release on DJ Fat Controller's official website. More info about it/buy link, click here.

Secondly, the 40th track digital Remixes album features all entries entered this competition including some great nuskool producers like Buzzman, Cruze & Tricky Rich, Retroplis, Nicky Allen, Strange Rollers, Nefti, Casketkrasher & Luffy, Paul Cronin, Pursuit, DJ Flow and many more other talented spirits in the scene! You can grab it on Amazon by clicking here or iTunes here .

Here's a preview of all 'In Complete Darkness' remixes from this fresh digital release.



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