Wednesday, 18 March 2015

"TOP 8 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (17MAR.2015)

Here's the 'TOP 8 Of The Week' as featured on the 17th March Generation X [RadioShow] broadcasted @ Planet Rave Radio.. 2hrs full of Hardcore overdose from every direction and aspect of it, to all rave nations!
Starting up with number 8 and Sweden based producer, Captain Ravemann and his 'Rave Terrorizer' footwork breakbeat damage, while next track is made by a 16yr old producer who has already signed stuff on Kode 5 Recordings, Switchblade Digital, Dred Collective and opens his mind to provide us with Madness! Props to Liam Taylor from Russia.
In number 6, a hardcore techno bomb for 'Ladies Only' part of a 2track personal EP from US based producer CurZe 'The Wasted Ravers' (free download from Outl3t)
Next big thing comes from Nottingham's Schnez on a fresh EP which took a special airplay in the last 15minutes of the showcase. 'Keep on Ravin on EP' is out now from Long Live the Animals with the hardcore animal Schnez in total effect! Mental work in result! Worth checking out his brand new label, 3NEZ, for anyone interested for more from him.
Odessa's hadcore son Fat Frumos, a supporting producer/dj on GenX, has returned to Off Me Nut delivering 12 nuclear rave bombs of sick darkness and burnin' dancefloors. 'Jesus Raving For Your Sins' is taken from his album called 'YAD' and is definetely one of the strong highlights of this release!
In number 3 the hard leader Dave Skywalker celebrates 1k facebook followers and gives away this killer refix on Zomboy's 'Raptor'. Can't describe it.. For those wondering, can either give a listen to it on his Soundcloud page or hear the showcase and check out my reaction while dropped it. Few days left for Bangface rave earthquake and Dave will be an essential part of it!
DJ Sashay from Russia, 21 yrs old took a serious and hard mission to remix the Prodigy's rare 'Time To Get Funky & Raw'. This track was used to be played during 1993 era. Sashay has completely re-created the original track’s sound by resynthesizing each instrument from scratch, sampling classic hardcore stabs and programming drum patterns. The result is pure 303 dressed up with dark atmosphere.
Last tune to display comes from the youth conspiracy of Luffy (Hungary) and Nayim (Spain) an amazing breakbeat uplifting roller true example of how Nu-Rave is alive and the future will be brighter day by day. Remix duties from Luffy himself, who has recently launched his own label Waffle Records, a Breakbeat Hardcore & Happy Hardcore label.

TOP 8 (GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio-17th Mar.2015)

08. Captain Raveman - Rave Terrorizer
07. Liam Taylor - Madness In My Brain

06. CurZe - Ladies Only [OUTL3T]
05. Schnez - Being With You [LLTA]
04. Fat Frumos - Jesus Raving For Your Sins [OFF ME NUT]
03. Zomboy - Raptor (Dave Skywalker Refix)
02. The Prodigy - Time To Get Funky And Raw (DJ Sashay Mental Acid Remix)
01. Nayim & Luffy - Amen My Drum (Luffy Remix) [WAFFLE RECORDINGS]

Listen to full 2hr GenX showcase in here... Ready to take off......!

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