Wednesday, 25 March 2015

[PRMP3011] Various Artists - Feel The Power EP [FREE 4-TRACK EP FROM PARANOID RECORDINGS]

1/ Pursuit - The Dark Crystal.
2/ Leonized - Living In Darkness.
3/ Breakbeatscientist - Dark Prophecy.
4/ RenegadeGenius - Feel The Power.

In November 2014 the and forums in conjunction with Paranoid Recordings ran a track making competition with a simple premise. Each track should contain at least 5 samples from a provided sample pack, and that all tracks submitted would be judged and voted for, anonymously by forum members. The competition saw many great entries and Paranoid Recordings announced that they would be releasing a series of EP's featuring the cream of submissions.

March 2015 sees the release of the dark hardcore breaks and jungle themed 'Feel The Power EP'  featuring tracks from Pursuit, Leonized, RenegadeGenius and my own submission as Breakbeatscientist.

Opening up with a dark junglistic hardcore treat from Pursuit entitled 'The Dark Crystal'. Which implements a head-nodding 'Think' break alongside moody, growling bass snarls and one helluva spine-tingling drop midway all interspersed with choice samples from the similarly titled movie.
Up next, Leonized incorporates some near-breakcore style breakbeat switching and monsterous industrial effects to the jungle/drum & bass template with 'Living In Darkness'. But balancees the harshness with some lush sweeping strings to create a hugely effective nu-skool jungle tune.

'Dark Prophecy' by my good self comes up next and brings forth atmospheric synths for a restrained opening section before an amen break and pulsating bassline drives the track along to a massive stab and hoover drop.
RenegadeGenius closes the EP  with his 1993-styled darkcore monster, 'Feel The Power' which features  thundering chopped up breaks, moody strings, thumping bass and positively the sickest sounding mentasm stab riff that I've ever heard.

All in all 4 menacing tunes guaranteed to bring back the spirit of 1993-1994 darkside hardcore.

The 'Feel The Power EP' is available to download for FREE in 320 bitrate MP3 format via the link below...

Massive Respects to DJ Gaffer, RenegadeGenius and all the Paranoid Recordings crew for putting this project together!!!

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