Saturday, 21 March 2015

[MM12002BUN - MUSIC MONDAYS] Mark Archer AKA DJ Nex - The Unreleased Files Part 1 & 2 12" Bundle (+ FREE WAVS) [PRE-ORDER NOW]

This one here is a valuable kind of gift for vinyl & oldskool collectors as the legendary Mark Archer (Nexus 21, Altern 8, DJ Nex) gives some unreleased DJ Nex tracks on an essential vinyl release out from Music Mondays, available now for pre-orders!

You can listen to the track previews on the following buy links.

Each 12" is £10, or you can buy both for £18. You will also get the wavs of all 5 tracks for free.

> Bundle link (2 12" + FREE Wav's)

12" Part 1 link (inc. FREE Wav's)

> 12" Part 2 link (inc. FREE Wav's)

Strictly for '93-'95 oldskool lovers, there will be only 350 copies of each vinyl release and will be all of them signed by Mark Archer.

Listen to Mark and Billy Daniel Bunter talking about this essential release which finally sees the light...!

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