Friday, 6 March 2015


A-Side - Jedi On Es (A-Side).
B-Side - Jedi On Es (B-Side).
After the release of the excellent 'Earthbound' 12" in January, DJ Jedi returns once more to supply another heavyweight slab of harcore on wax for turntable fanatics.
Inspired by the infamous 'Jesus On E's' demo disc released in 1992 by LSD , which included  a 27 minute long hardcore epic created to showcase the Amiga's music making capabilities. DJ Jedi has hand picked some of the choicest samples from 'Jesus On E's' to create two 1992-styled oldskool hardcore anthems, featuring a smorgasbord of classic breakbeats, stabs, pianos and vocal samples to set any dancefloor alight.
Sample spotters will also be delighted to find elements of classic oldskool tracks throughout each side including 'Music Takes You' and 'Temple Of Dreams' to name but two examples. 'Jedi On E's' is a veritable flashback to the days when hardcore mashups such as the 'Energizer' series ruled the raves.
Copies of DJ Jedi's 'Jedi On E's' 12" vinyl are available for £7.99 plus £3 postage and packing within the UK, £6 P&P within Europe and £8 P&P worldwide. Please send the total amount (eg one copy is £7.99 + £3.00 = £10.99) directly to and remember to include your address.

AS A BONUS - The first twenty people to order the vinyl will get a link to download the two tracks in WAV format for FREE!

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