Monday, 23 March 2015

DJ LUNA-C Presents the Kikwear Supaset!

Few words from LUNA-C about his brand new mix (Supaset 15) for Kikwear.

" .......Supaset 15 is unusual because it is three sets in one. It is a mix showcasing the sort of music KFA releases and that I play when I play live. It contains many unreleased brand new forthcoming KFA tracks. And it has a section of Supaset 16 – Timewarp – as well, which, as it touches on the old skool vibe (understatement) makes it perfect for a mix by one of the oldest surviving hardcore labels and a clothing company with an equally long rave history.

So go ahead and download it. It contains a lot of very new material, and I think you will enjoy it very much. I expect there will be questions about the Timewarp section, which I will answer in my next blog post, next week."



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