Wednesday, 11 March 2015

[AMEN4TEKNO 004] Mandidextrous, Heatzy & DC Slinks - Amen4Tekno 004 [LIMITED 4-TRACK 12" EP AVAILABLE NOW!!!]

A1 - Mandidetrous - R.U.N.
A2 - Mandidextrous - Wheres The Princess Gone.
B1 - Heatzy (Wicked Squad) - Doing Doing Doing.
B2 - DC Slinks - Birthtek.
Following on from the thumping 'Amen4Tekno 003' 12" EP, Bristolian jungle-tek label AMEN4TEKNO Recordings have struck while the iron is still hot and released 'Amen4Tekno 004' to batter your speakers into a pulp.

'R.U.N.' by AMEN4TEKNO head-honcho, Mandidexterous kicks things off in a drum & bass fashion with a 2-step drum break interspersed with amen edits, an infectious ragga vocal with piano skank and massive, gnarly bass throbs done 4/4 style. Up next is Mandidexterous' 'Wheres The Princess Gone', a vocal led soundclash of Jamaican dancehall and UK jungle-tek genres where ragga vocal yearnings merge with tear-out breaks and thumping bass.
On the flipside Heatzy transplant's Detroit's most infamous son from his hip-hop comfort zone, into hard-tek territory with the XXX-Rated 'Doing Doing Doing'. Check out the intricate synth and guitar melodies running through this one! Rounding off the EP is 'Birthtek' from DC Slinks which provides a hardcore "Happy Birthday' message, with plenty of cheeky sample usage, throbbing reversed bass and amen choppage to great effect.
Another solid slab of black crack from the Amen4Tekno camp for the vinyl headz out there who love their breaks and kickdrums all infused with a large dosage of F.U.N.!!! Get onnit!
The 'AMEN4TEKNO 004' EP can be ordered from the Toolbox records webstore along with copies of 'AMEN4TEKNO' volumes 001, 002 and 003 for 10.30 Euros (plus P&P). Support the ragga-jungle-tek scene!!!


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