Tuesday, 3 February 2015

[PRMP3010] Various Artists - Paranoid Recordings Present - Return To Back To The Oldskool EP [FREE 5-TRACK RELEASE]

1/ DJ Nee - Hammock.
2/ 1st Science - Coming Up Good (Vocal Alt Mix).
3/ Stuart J - Dodge This (RenegadeGenius Remix).
4/ Aike - Dark Chime.
5/ Worldwide Epidemic - Discharge
Paranoid Recordings are back in action once more with a mammoth 5-track free EP, the 'Return To Back To The Oldskool EP', which refers to the legendary oldskool forum http://www.backtotheoldskool.co.uk/ and the inception of the hardcore breaks scene which involveded the creative output of many contributors to the aforementioned site. The Back To The Oldskool website released 3 ground breaking hardcore breaks EP's on vinyl and 3 full length free compilations for download between 2001 and 2009. Now Paranoid Recordings pays tribute to these classic releases by reuniting four of the original contributors, as well as featuring brand new tracks from 1st Science and Worldwide Epidemic.
Opening up with hardcore breaks veteran, DJ Nee's thundering 'Hammock'. A track driven by rugged amen breaks, booming bassline, female vocal elements and a gorgeously soothing guitar melody on the drop. A brilliantly composed track of contrasting sounds and energies to get you started.
1st Science drops his euphoric, feel good 'Coming Up Good (Vocal Alt Mix)' next and takes you deep into 1992 territory with classic breaks, uplifting pianos and synths, rudeboy bass, electric stabs and cheeky vocal samples. Crafting an energetic track which is guaranteed to make you feel 'outta sight!!!'.
Paranoid Recordings co-founder, Renegade Genius revisits Stuart J's 'Dodge This' with a 1993 styled, jungle-tekno remix featuring breakneck speed breaks, ominous synth patterns, expertly used vocal snippets lifted from 'The Matrix' and a massive descending stab melody to get those neck-hairs standing on end. All encompassed with bass thumps which sound like the audio equivalent of a heart attack.
Darker territory ensues next with Aike's doom-laden drum & bass number 'Dark Chimes'. With a  huge, monstrous growling bassline accompanied by a 2-step breakbeat and ominous synths and almost gangsta rap, chime notes. One that can be easily classified as being only for the headstrong.
To conclude an already devastatating EP, Worldwide Epidemic unleashes his menacing foray into the realms of technoid junglism. 'Discharge' displays it's Sound Entity/Basement influences proudly on it's sleeve by championing the amalgamation of thumping kicks and crisp breaks with deep techno pads and moody sci-fi sound. I wouldn't hesitate to say that 'Discharge' could easily be mistaken for being a lost Electronic Experience track from 1993-1994.
The 'Paranoid Recordings Present - Return To Back To The Oldskool EP' on the whole is an excellent mixed bag of varied oldskool styles from all corners of the breakbeat hardcore spectrum, and is available to download for free from the Mediafire link below...
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