Thursday, 26 February 2015

[AMEN4TEKNO 003] Mandidextrous / C3B / Mitosis - AMEN4TEKNO003 [LIMITED EDITION 4-TRACK VINYL OUT NOW!!!]

A1 - Mandidetrous - Gal Dem Bad.
A2 - Mandidextrous - Give It Up.
B1 - C3B - Solskank.
B2 - Mitosis - Back To The Jurassic.
AMEN4TEKNO Recordings have unleased their 3rd 4-track EP of thumping jungle/hard-tek genetically-spliced mutations onto the public's innocent ears, and man are they belters!!!
Label owner Mandidextrous opens up the EP with the first of her two contributions, 'Gal Dem Bad', which merges twisted bass growls, D&B breaks, female ragga chatting, pounding kicks and an intricate uplifting synth melody to devastating effect. 'Give It Up' follows next and throws more MC chatting, air-raid sirens, reggae skanking rhythms, amen drumrolls and pounding 4/4's into the mix. Oh yeah, and a cheeky use of an infamous sample from BCUK's 'The Nine' for all you hardcore drum & bassheads. 
The flipside kicks off with C3B's wicked jazz and reggae tinged 'Solskank' with it's infectious saxophone melody fused with crisp breakbeats and thumping kickdrums to bring real Summertime vibes to this bleak, Wintery February. Mitosis rounds things off with his homage to rap back when it was still worth listening to. 'Back To The Jurassic' mashes J5 rapping with snippets of Wu-Tang into a drum & bass and hard-tek monster guaranteed to wreck any dancefloor!!!
All in all the 'AMEN4TEKNO 003 EP' delivers 4 uniquely lethal slabs of Jngle-Tek madness for all DJ's and ravers who dare to venture out of their comfort zones.
The 'AMEN4TEKNO 003' EP can be ordered from the Toolbox records webstore along with copies of 'AMEN4TEKNO' volumes 001, 002 and 003 for 10.30 Euros (plus P&P). So go get yer kickdrum on!!!

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