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Intensive18:: Nefti - The Game EP [out on 6th March 2015 - INTENSIVE RECORDINGS]

Dropping on the 6/3/2015

A brand new EP from 1 of the legends in the scene!
Nefti has a new EP release in March - you know that's essential listening/mixing/skankin material! Nefti is like a Rave machine,he delivers the goods consistantly!
The Polish producer/DJ has made his mark long ago and continues to show why he is one of the most important names in Rave Music. This is his new release 'The Game EP', the 18th release on Intensive! Let's check the tunes out!

The Game:
Starting off with lush Trance vibes and a teasing filtered breakbeat you know Nefti's gonna deliver something special! Dropping into new territory for Nefti a dirty, Techy bassline leads the way showing a new direction for Nefti's work?
Lots of little chops and Old Skool stabs subtly used in the background before the tune drops into the opening Trance flava again with that filtered break letting you know the bass is about to drop again! Simple? Yes, but the 3 important elements stand out, great breakbeats, big dirty bass and that nice Trance riff. This is one that is going to work on the dancefloors and on the radio shows, I for one will be playing this tune as I know it will go down a treat!

Love Me:
Ok, now this sounds like more familiar Nefti style Rave music!
Kicks off with Nefti's trademark Piano and Beats - somehow Nefti always seems to twist pianos and beats into something that instantly screams Nefti!
Little vocal chops "If you wanna love me" give the track it's title, then, Pow!

Nefti's new experiments into Bass music show he's already awesome Rave music maturing into new flavas and promise an incredible future for his music and forthcoming tracks!

Rave Force,Amigos Forever (Nefti Remix):
Breakbeats start the ball rolling into an acid led bassline that drops into a piano and bleep break that uses the familiar 'Amigos Forever'riff, this drops straight into some dirty, twisting bass! Nefti promised he wanted to make his Rave music have some more Bass/Jungle elements and he's certainly delivering without losing his vocal/piano signature sound! Personally I think this is very important that he hasn't lost his trademark sound while moving and merging into new musical territory!

The Game (NeuroNative Remix):
I dont know who NeuroNative is but could this be a tease of the future of this label and direction of this sound?! Very nicely produced,starts off very Trancey even with a 4/4 kick and bass sound before dropping into some nice little breaks!
Very lush sounding with a vocal pad and risers building into what sounds like a twisted Reese basss is to come!

Overall,a solid and essential purchase!
Stands out musically and quality wise!
Intensive 18 Nefti - The Game EP

[reviewed by 2nzy (Damage Inc.)]

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