Friday, 16 January 2015

The Supersonic Army - Horror In Paradise [ALBUM AVAILABLE NOW!!!]

1/ Intro.
2/ Zombi.
3/ Nightmares In A Damaged Brain.
4/ Violence.
5/ Menace II Society (Featuring Jack Light).
6/ Believe.
7/ Paradise.
8/ Requiem For A Dream.
9/ Requiem For A Nightmare.
(Bonus Tracks)
10/ Shining Sun (2010 Live Version).
11/ Sonikka (2009 Evil Live Mix).
12/ Hear That Sound (Hidden Track).

Three years after the release of debut album 'Sunset' on his own Pink B*stard label and his retrospective oldskool inspired Strictly NuSkool Blog album, 'The Hardcore Chapter 2006-2007' in 2014. Tom Wddington AKA The Supersonic Army touches down with his third longplayer 'Horror In Paradise' packed full of pounding breaks, energising synth melodies and a huge variety of influences and genre styles for all discerning musical tastes.
Kicking off proper with the '80's video nasty themed 'Zombi', a slow burning breakbeat number with strong Lucio Fulci soundtracker, Fabio Frizzi influences, which sets the mood for what is to come perfectly and flows into the deranged 'Nightmares In A Damaged Brain'. An anarchic, heavyweight acid-house monster also steeped in vintage horror movie inspiration, as is the dark and moody 'Violence' which follows immediately after. 
Aided by the vocal talents of rapper Jack Light, 'Menace II Society' give Brit-rap a kick up the arse with a moody synth-line, menacing movie samples and heavyweight breakbeats to provide a track that is not for the faint-hearted. The atmosphere lightens a touch with the uplifting rave-house crossover track 'Believe' which merges classic house pads with chunky breaks to great effect. Up next is 'Paradise', an energetic electro-breaks number with a massive synth melody which drives the track along accompanied by oldskool, Prodigy-esque bleeps.
The epic and melodic 'Requiem For A Dream' drops into the midsection of 'Horror In Paradise' to sweeping pads, acidic rhythms and house beats and creates an uplifting respite from the more 'banging' tracks earlier. It is joined soon after by it's equally epic companion piece, 'Requiem For A Nightmare' which dips into darker territory by through the introduction of doom-laden effects and more horror movie snippets propelled by dubstep beats and in the latter half, energetic breaks.
The album is concluded by two live mixes giving the listener an excellent taster of The Supersonic Army live experience. 'The Warriors' sampling 'Shining Sun' with it's frenetic beats and synth lines and the acid-breaks masterpiece that is 'Sonikka'. If these are examples of Tom's gigs then it'll be essential for everyone to sign up to The Supersonic Army's live campaign.
On the whole a hugely ambitious in scale and coherently set out album which provides the listener with a rich and varied listening experience.
PS - Don't forget the hidden, bonus track 'Hear That Sound' too!

The 'Horror In Paradise' album was successfully crowdfunded through the Indigogo fundraising website and is available in limited CD digipack format only. Copies are available from The Supersonic Army webstore link below for the bargain price of £10 per copy...

Below is the excellent promo video for The Supersonic Army - 'Menace II Society' featuring Jack Light on vocals...
The Supersonic Army - 'Horror In Paradise' Soundcloud preview mix...

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