Wednesday, 14 January 2015

[KFA64] Various Artists - The True Skool E.P. 10 (Executive Edition) [OUT NOW!!!]

1/ MC Frikshon & Invader – Venom.
2/ Idealz – Blow Ya Mind.
3/ Radiophonic Oddity – Who Are We.
4/ Empeyreal – Highly Ludicrous.
Executive Edition Tracks:
5/ Idealz – Hiya!!
6/ Dj Luna-C – Bounce Me Baby.

Kniteforce Again returns with a brand new 'TheTrue Skool E.P.', now in it's tenth incarnation' to open 2015 with. Featuring a genre-spanning collection of 6  tracks in the early bird Executive Edition to tickle your eardrums with.

 'The True Skool E.P. 10' opens with a new addition to the Kniteforce Again roster, in the form of MC Frikshon & Invader and their genre twisting, vocal driven 'Venom'. It's a hard hitting track which straddles a fine line between acid breaks and trance infused hardcore to great effect, and evokes an invigorating atmosphere in Frikshon's demands that their 'beats infect like venom, racing through your veins like a lethal injection'. Idealz steps into the arena next with the bass heavy, roughneck jungle stepper that is 'Blow Ya Mind'. Laced with rap vocals, rugged breaks and techno bleeps Idealz fulfils his track title's promise to literally 'Blow Ya Mind'.

Radiophonic Oddity offers up the question 'Who Are We'? with his contribution to the EP. A deep, tribal sounding drum & bass number with huge atmospheric synths, thundering amen breaks and a massive acid-trance steeped drop. The EP heads into lighter territory from here with Emperyal's 'Highly Ludicrous' which take hardcore into the realms of fantasy with the vocal excerpt introducing 'his Excellency the King of sub-bass kingdom' and utilises an intricately spliced, helium vocal melody over pounding 4/4 kickdrums and gentle pianos.

Idealz returns once again with his take on hardcore-techno with the excellent 'Hiya!!', which combines growling sawtooth bass, techno-breaks and a massive 'hands-in-the-air' piano melody with euphoric 'take you higher' vocals. And to round things off Dj Luna-C returns with a true to form maniacal hardcore number entitled 'Bounce Me Baby'. An amalgamation of thumping kicks, reversed bass throbs, twisting acid bassline, mental 'Phantom Of The Opera on E' piano section and eclectic vocals (hello 'Family Guy'!).

All in all an astounding start to the new year for Kniteforce Again, and as with all releases, the 6-Track Executive Edition of 'The True Skool E.P. 10' will only be available as a bundle for a short while before only becoming available as individual tracks with tracks 5 & 6 being deleted from sale. The EP is available from the Kniteforce Revolution webstore  using the link below for $6.50 (£4.43 UK money!). Be sure to check out the soundclip for a taster of the music featured...


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