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KF63 Tracks -
1/ I Got This.
2/ The Light.
3/ I Need U.
CD Only Remastered Back Kniteforce Records Catalogue Tracks -
4/ Insanity Clause (Remastered).
5/ Edge Of Madness (Sublove Remix) (Remastered).
6/ Mind Of A Lunatic (Remastered).
7/ I Know U (Remastered).
8/ Mindcurve (Remastered).
9/ Schitzophrenic Lox (Remastered).
10/ Acidic Brutality (Remastered).
11/ I Know U (D’Cruze Remix) (Remastered).
12/ Death Of A Psychopath (Remastered).
13/ Bass Drum Jungle Music (Remastered).
If the recent 'True Skool 10' EP on Kniteforce Again wasn't enough to stave off your hardcore cravings, Luna-C has come up with the perfect remedy with the release of another massive Kniteforce Records CD EP/Album. The 'Back To The Front E.P' by Dj Luna-C himself features three brand new, upfront hardcore tracks and 10 exquisitely remastered, Luna-C classic from the Kniteforce Records back catalogue, namely from 'The Luna C Project', 'Luna "C" Project 2 - Mission Of Madness EP' and 'Luna "C" 3' EP's, all from 1993.
Opening with the energetic piano, and classic vocal led 'I Got This', the EP starts off to a 'hands in the air' start bigtime. 'I Got This' upholds a classic, oldskool hardcore vibe throughout, with a massive, dare I say it, '80's-style synth bassline underlying the breaks which accompanies the more ravey elements perfectly.
'The Light' kicks in next in an upfront, breakbeat hardcore fashion with a growling bass roar, hip-hop effects, rolling amen breaks and a soaring, morphing trance riff on the intro, before a massive one-note piano section and euphoric vocal implores 'do you see the light?'. A hugely uplifting number for the hands-in-the-air crews.
Closing the EP in spectacular oldskool style is 'I Need You', a classic hardcore using some manic, breaks and a twisting. synth line and  luscious piano/vocal drop. 'I Need You' will definitely suit the more classic, oldskool hardcore heads as well as those who appreciate a touch of modern production techniques to keep things current.
Order details for the Dj Luna-C Limited Edition 'Back To The Front E.P' CD available on the link below. The CD version with exclusive, remastered back catalogue tracks will only be available for a short while before being discontinued. The 3 'Back To The Front E.P' tracks will then only be available as individual downloads thereafter, so get on it quick!!!

Don't forget that all CD order's come with a download link for WAV copues of tracks #1, #2 and #3, as well as some random goodies that Luna-C may choose to add......

The DJ Luna-C 'Back To The Front E.P' tracks can be previewed on the Soundcloud link below...

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