Monday, 26 January 2015

Crockp3-041:: MELT UNIT - Get Melted [out on COCK ROCK DISCO]

Some months ago while tripping and investigating the world of Soundcloud, i stepped on a simple but attractive description on Melt Unit's profile sayin 'hyped up jungle and footwork' . 
This description has come up more than true as i've fell in love with tracks like 'Switch' , 'Get Melted' and the acid friendly 'vs DF0:BAD - Sadface Acid' so got featured them on my radio show and still showing support as deserves.
You can't escape from this kind of buzz, it's clear hyper footwork/jungle with various oldskool elements killin' breakbeats, all set mainly on 160bpm range. That's how footwork should be in my opinion and DJ Donna Summer (owner of Cock Rock Disco) knows that really well, so grabbed the chance and signed this really talented Aussie producer/DJ. 

Melt Unit offers 7 killers out from his sick Nu-Rave brain. You may grab your copies now from Cock Rock Disco official website here donate to the artist if  you want and of course don't forget to show some love by spreading the MU vibes and follow both the mighty CRD label and the producer.

Melt Unit - Get Melted is definetely one of the top 'rave-footwork' Albums of this month along with PZG & Dubsknit 'We Rob Rave LP' [Polish Juke].

Don't waste your time.. Just try to...melt it



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