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Strictly Nuskool Blog pres. 'TOP 5 OF 2014' by Various Producers/DJs/Label Managers/Promoters/Radio DJs

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'' Too many good tunes hard to pick a top5 and as most of us had predicted, 2014 was a reel blast of releases and total nu-rave buzz! Massive respect to all involved in the Nuskool Hardcore & Jungle scene like producers, label managers, radio djs and promoters doing their best to raise the movement higher day-by-day. Worth mentioning some freshness from the oldschool legends like Acen, Manix and 2 Bad Mice during this year and the launch of new underground labels (friendly to this blog) like Switchblade Digital, This is Nu-Rave and Ravenoyz Recordings. Regarding the Label side of the Strictly Nuskool Blog, 2k14 was really successful as 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.1' Album is still having some great feedback from the masses and feel really glad about it. The 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.2' will be out during 2015 along with various EPs aswell.
So...Finally here's my top 5 tunes of the year (tunes are in no particular order)"

#1. Breakforce One -  Tribute to Dune [CORE COLLECTIVE RECORDS]

'' I surely do love Dune, on my fav 90s acts and Breakforce One fair play in here deserved to be placed on the tops. Great medley of Dune's anthems on Breakcore sense and been metling it in my brain & on my radio show aswell.....I CAN'T STOP RAVIN!'

#2. JAKAZiD - Have 2 Survive [AURAL ADRENALINE]

''JAKAZiD keeps on spitting hardcore from another dimension. Is it from UK or Japan? Doesnt matter since it's a kind of combination blended on his mind and the result is always sick and fit for the dancefloor! 'Have 2 Survive' is a brilliant proof of it. Part of his latest Maximum Sass EP ''

#3. Abyss - Journey of a Crackhead [HC RECORDINGS]

" Abyss deserves definetely to be placed on the top 5. Apart from his wicked hardcore jungle & darkside gems, he has built his own character in the scene and launched a digital label like Switchblade Digital and a sub-label like Switchblade Vinyl, releasing vinyl stuff . 'Journey of a Crackhead' has been played out various times on my radio show, one of my fav ones. Love that total rush full on breakbeats and ruff & tuff."

#4. Nefti - Why Did You Suddenly Disappear  [PARANOID RECORDINGS]

" Nefti is one of the most established & respected producers/DJs in the Nu-Rave scene and tho he has released various tunes all over 2014, i'll pick one of his latest additions like 'Why Did You Suddenly Disappear' as released on free download Paranoid Recordings Vol.10 Album. Luv these uplifting chipmunks make me wanna jump around! Never get bored to this sexy tune!"

#5. Hamsta - Ultimate Buzz [PACEMAKER RECORDS]

"Been 'scouting' his tunes more than a year and decided to invite him to join my radio show as a guest. In my opinion Hamsta has been on the outstanding 'new blood' producers in 2014 and Ultimate Buzz is a small sick proof of his arsenal. You need to check him out if you haven't already. "



  [Partner-Blogger Strictly Nuskool Blog/Future Jungle-Free Breaks Blog-NewUrbanEra/Radio DJ]
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" Its been a good year for the scene, as much as we may have gripes about the new soundcloud,
you can't deny that while it may have become a harbouring ground for bots and false plays,
its also been the means of great exposure for artists and labels we may never have heard of.
But the biggest appreciation goes to the artists and labels themselves who put out
oldskool/rave/hardcore/jungle influenced music often at a financial loss and more often than not completely free as have contributors to our own free releases tied in with the blog.
There have been countless awesome tunes this year that truly deserve some airtime,
I enjoy certain elements of the fresh wave of house music and house is where it all began,
I'm not about negativity but I hope that over time the attitude towards Hardcore Breaks/NuSkool & 140/Future Jungle changes and people in the mainstream start to hear the value in the sound. Special mentions in 2014 go to Paranoid Recordings, DJ Flow, Paul Cronin, United States Beat Squad & Kode 5 Recordings, if I haven't mentioned you here, be rest assured, if you featured on one of my online broadcasts or blog write ups its because I value what you do!!!
Now heres my 5 picks of 2014 and believe me, this was not easy!!!! " 

#1. B2N & Fav-Good Vibrations [Unreleased]

" Unreleased but I've been playing this one over and over for about half a year, about as 92 hardcore/rave as you can get!!!! "

#2. Jimmy J & Cru L T - Take Me Away (Abyss 140 Remix) [Freebie]

" Free track on the 94 Project soundcloud, once again this is 92 style at its finest!!! "

#3. Sonic Fixation - Always There [Kode 5]

One of many anthems on Kode 5, this tune has everything, great pianos, samples, amens and atmosphere!!! "

#4. Lucky Dime - Hyper Jungle (UK Skanking) [Swithchblade Digital]

Pure rip roaring 94 style Jungle!!!! "

#5. Myk Dubz, Path Generator & Lily Garcia - The Pressure [Boomsha]

"Amazing Future Jungle track, sounds like Roni Size's Reprazent at 150BPM!!!!"


★ BREAKBEATSCIENTIST [Strictly Nuskool Blog Blogger/Producer]
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#1. Fringe - He's Nuts

" A deep and dark number on the ever excellent Switchblade Digital Recordings label. 'Nuff chopped up breaks, moody synths and an all encompassing homage to 1994 dark atmospheric jungle. "

#2. Nicky Allen - I Have A Dream

" Featured on our very own 'Strictly NuSkool Blog Volume One' compilation, the music machine that is Nicky Allen provides a tearing atmospheric amen rinser with a gorgeous piano section midway. "

#3. Amiga Breaks - Imitation

" Amiga Breaks (AKA DJ Fuzzbuzz) takes us on an epic trip to the jungle incorporating dialogue from the sci-fi horror classic, 'The Thing' to thundering breakbeats, heavyweight bass and soothing synths. "

#4. DJ Wislov - Evil Dead

" Wislov goes all out darkcore on 'Evil Dead' adding rolling breaks, booming bass and menacing piano melodies to sinister movie dialogue samples. "

#5. Yell-O-Phase - Underground Culture (Hardcore Mix)

" Madcap hardcore that only the man like the Yell-O-Phase could do. A hypnotic and twisting techno melody coupled with driving breaks and ragga snippets. "


★ DAMAGE INC.  [Producer/DJ/Owner of Sonic Fortress]
      ( website )

"..I cant name any SF related stuff as that's biased but 5 big things of 2014"

#1. Tornado Records contribution to the scene

" Tornado records are approaching their 10th anniversary and are putting on better old skool/hardcore breaks events than anyone else in the world!they are putting out quality productions,on vinyl still,an achievement in it's own right! "

#2. Lodz

" It's the Rave capital of the world and is tearing it up continuously,they regulary have events with the cream of their homegrown producers/djs,they host the best Hardcore Breaks producers and put on true old skool nights with real underground djs/acts that are the connoisseurs choice,not the same old. "

#3. Nefti

" Over the last decade,a young Polish dj/producer has proven himself to maybe be the most consistant Hardcore Breaks producer,he has a style you can identify instantly,I was first introduced to Nefti's music on a promo cd I was handed on my way to Eruption FM,I stuck it in the stereo and the tune that hit me was 'Rhythm Of The Night',it just had energy and is still my favourite track of his.1 decade on and he's gone from being a new kid on the block to being one of only a handful of Hardcore Breaks producers that have gone the distance on this niche underground genre.his tracks feature on many labels and releases,and many times will be the stand out track on the release that the label must be chuffed they his progress with interest. "

#4. Stand out new producer of the year

"..(whether he'd consider himself new is a different story ) is probably DJ Pursuit,his tunes started appearing,regulary throughout the year and of a high standard,good things to come from this guy I think.standout new (!? again!?) DJ of the year I think is Bassraver!you simply cannot miss his regular shows and mixes throughout 2014,they are always energetic,full of the best of Hardcore Breaks,appearing frequently,featuring artist showcases,avid supporter of the scene,enthusiastic and friendly.If you don't know,time to get to know!"

#5. The rise of the Spanish Hardcore Breaks scene

"These guys are hot on the heels of Poland and are oozing Rave music!Crazy partys,passionate ravers,great DJs,quality producers.There are so many I don't know,have never heard but they have Neurygma,Wislov,UFO Project,Mayer,etc,etc.I think we're going to see a lot of material and events happening in Spain in 2015!"


★ Rocksted-E
     [Owner of HC Recordings/Producer/DJ/Radio DJ/Striclt Nuskool Blog Blogger]
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" Well its been a great year for us at HC and another great year for the scene aswell, There has been so many top tracks, New producers, New lables, and established lables and producers have just been getting better and better, So to pick a top five after all the great tracks was a tough one, but here they are below. No HC tracks of course as not to be biased. BIG UP too all in the scene, Heres looking forward to 2015 with excitement of it being even better. "

#1. Impact Beat - Coming (Original Mix)

" Impact beat has lived up to his name with his hard hitting crunchy beats and gritty bassline's in many of his tracks, as well as uplifting and dark melodys, but this has been my pick of his tracks to fit in my top five. No time for warm up's as this track Slam's straight into the crunchy beats with some classic spinback effects then into the piano breakdown with little vocal sample that gave me the goose bump effect, been a long time since that happend to me, so thats enough to say top track in my book) after the piano part it gets grimy with the bass and beats kicking the hell out the speakers before the piano once again and round two with the beats and bass of this knock out track."

#2. Gat Decor - Passion (JDubz Remix)

The original was great, and this remix has done it justice, Uplifting jungle vibes full of classic breakbeats/sample's from the golden era of jungle/hardcore. I have played this many times on my shows this year and no doubt will continue to do so in 2015. J.dubz is a top producer and it is worth checking out his other tracks."

#3. Amiga Junglism - Hold On (Phineus II's spliffy Mix)

" This track caught my attention by the breakdown (cant get enough of it) If there was a breakdown of the year award, this would be my number 1 no doubt about it, but the whole track is great, great rollin breaks, pads, bass stabs, sample etc, the damm things got the lot. "

#4. DJ Fav - Book of The Dead

" Evil, dark and sinister is best to describe this track, you can probly say that about the producer too, Dj Fav of HWND love's the dark as many of his other tracks will tell you. This if my pick of a great E.P which is part of a huge catalogue of killer tracks from a top producer of the scene. "

#5. Fuzzbuzz - Piano Blues

" On a happy vibe with this one, if your a fan of happy hardcore from around 1994 then this one will be your cup of tea, from the free compilation album, Paranoid Recording Vol 9 with more great tracks, go check it out.. "


[Radio DJ/producer]

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#1. Pursuit - Kick Your Legs In The Air 
" Chris has had another great year of producing top track but for me kick your legs in the air is a nuskool anthem , with it thumping breaks and bass with a amazing piano riff and vocal drop makes it my number 1 of the year also it was a free track. "

#2. Abyss - Journey Of A Crackhead 
" Lee has really hit his stride his year and with his awesome 93 style tracks has produced this amazing track with its brilliant vocal work to the crashing amens this is my fav abyss track. "

#3. Paul Cronin - Zelda

" Captain Paul had made a lot of top tracks this year and for me this head and sholders my fav one with the clever use of the zelda sample played over the wicked breaks and amens were come to know from paul this is a massive choon. "

#4. Nicky Allen -NAD 6

" Couldn't not leave this one out all of the NAD series of tracks are amazing but no 6 edges it for me a classic nicky allen production with the classic 90s remix and fantasic remixing skills a must have for anyone. "

#5. DJ Ziyad - Freestyle

" It's an amazing free track that goes keeps giving , with the uplifting piano vibes great vocal samples and top production i couldnt leave it of my top 5 list wicked track. "


★ DJ OVERDOSE  [DJ/Producer]

       ( website - soundcloud )

Okay, so people will probably know my DJ style varies immensely depending on many things, from what’s going on in the world, in my life and what tunes are released.
I generally go for darker tunes, but I do listen, mix and enjoy happier tracks as well. Not to mention all sorts of stuff from other genres and give it the hardcore effect! I think I have been listening to hardcore that long that I appreciate anything well made and with a good beat.
There are often “repeat offenders” in my mixes, like Dave Nexus, Tony C, Paul Cronin, Pursuit and Nicky Allen. This top 5 doesn’t take anything away from their wares, more a case of me putting out more obscure tunes and some less known producers. All of which, do a fantastic job of putting a track together.
These tracks are in no particular order, it’s not Top Of The Pops, and I have to say it’s pretty hard to pull out only 5 (or 6) tunes over the whole year.

#1. Starting off with something I mixed very early in the year. I know nothing about it to be honest.  It was emailed to me, by someone who also mixed it. They said it was from Soundcloud but had no idea who made it only that it’s called “Get On”. Love the track, love the structure, the stabs and the beats. I also made it into three ringtones for my phone. Respect to whoever you are!

# 2. Sidestalker - These Deadly Rays Will Be Your Death

" Fantastic intro, and some banging beats and a great riff that is very catchy. Great use of samples and a real trip back to the 92/93 style of breakbeat hardcore I am sure everyone loves. "

#3. Chiqui - Yeeeeeee

" I dunno the exact pronunciation of that but I take it a is “YEEEAAAHHH!”. Real banging track, some great stabs and a real hard beat to keep it going. Powerful vocals top this track off. "

#4. The Urbanizer - Push It

" Now I’m not really that into D&B but I do from time to time throw the odd one in a mix, if a little slowed down. A little retro remix of “Push It” from Salt n Peppa by Urbanizer caught my ears. Gritty and grimey enough, it will definitely make all the head nod crew give it some. "

#5. Last one of this mini selection is a remake/remix from Rinston. One of my favourite happier hardcore tracks brought up to date with a great beat and modern style. Respect to Rinston and Luna C for this one “Six Days”

That concludes my little summary of 2014. Here’s to 2015 and all the great tracks the very talented producers have in store for us. Big up and respect, all crew.


★ MATHEUS  [Co-owner & Co-founder of Core Collective Records/Producer]
     soundcloud - facebook )

#1. Ruby My Dear - Ay Sormaq [OMEGA WARFACE RECORDS]

#2. Anorak - Tragic Crescendo [JUNGLE SYNDICATE]

#3. Meow Meow - King Pin

#4. Jane Hope - Invasion

#5. SuM - Howard Beale [RANSAKED RECORDS]


★ DAVE SKYWALKER  [Producer/DJ/Owner of Endor Recordings]
      ( website - soundcloud - facebook - hearthis )


" I loved the original of this when it came out back in 1995. The first time I heard it was at Universe Tribal Gathering and the tent went crazy for it, it summed up that era of jungle really well. To hear it again done 19 years later, but done well and with a respective nod to the original was great to hear."


" I didn't initially want to include any of the tracks on my own label into the top 5, but this is honestly in my top 5 tracks of the year. I was playing in Dublin at the start of the year and a guy gave me a load of his tracks to see what I thought to them, and played this one in the club on the night. I fell in love with it and had to have it for the label. It was his first release, and he seems to be getting an increased following now which is great to see. "


" Over the course of the last 18 months I got more and more into FutureWorld records, thanks to their consistently amazing output, and back in August even did a tribute mix - the first I've ever done for any label. This is my favourite tune on the label (although there are so many amazing tracks out from them), and got a great reaction whenever I played it out - in particular to an arena full of mad crazy Belgians earlier in the year! "


" 'My Beat', like so many tunes released on Jakazid's self-managed label Aural Adrenaline, has that edge and vibe that no other record in hardcore rave does. He takes all the rules on how to make a hardcore tune and breaks them, and as I said in an interview earlier in the year is one of the few producers that I always can't wait to see what he comes up with next, and keeps me on my toes and consistently drives me to become a better producer. This only came out recently, but is my second favourite track of the year, after.. "


" Points for originality? Not much. Cheesy happy hardcore refix-of-a-remix, that can't have taken more than a few hours to make? Probably. But that's not the point. I hadn't heard the original when I heard this but it didn't matter, Stormski absolutely nailed it for the vibe and I wasn't able to tell it was a quick edit which shows it was done well. I can't help but throw my hands in the air and jump around like a loon to this - and isn't that the point? Amazing tune. "


★ NEFTI  [Producer/DJ/Owner of Intensive Recordings]
     ( soundcloud - facebook - youtube )

#1. Sanxion - Bass Machine [DOWNBEAT]

#2. Motiv - Come Alive (Orestiz 140 Remix) [WHITE TOWER DIGITAL]

#3. Retropolis - Passion

#4. Flash Cats - Love Is The Message [PROPAGANDA MUSIC]


★ Ian Quiqley [Radio Producer]

       ( soundcloud - facebook )

#1. Dave Hat - Look him in the eye

" Bouncy gabber track at 210 bmp which is a total banger of a tune. Dave puts out a load of great music, and this one on Endor records certainly gets the crowd moving. Very happy memories of Dave Skywalker playing this at The Energy Collective in Dublin, October 11th and being told by a bouncer to get off the speaker stack where I was giving it loads!!! "

#2. Namik - Ant Colony

" Another outstanding record from the same EP as Dave Hat on Endor Records. This track was made by my good mate Namik, who with myself and others are the Northside Jungle Collective. Dave Skywalker picked up this signing at another Energy Collective back in April 26th. What a year for hardcore! "

#3. Ricky Force - Perfect Organism

" Keeping it Dublin with one of Ireland's legendary Jungle / Drum & Bass producers, Ricky Force. His whole back catalog is something to be admired if you love your jungle beautifully crafted. It's hard to pick just one tune from Ricky given that he's also had an official remix of Manix - Special Request going out on Randells StepBack Sessions! "

#4. FFF - Dub Like This

" Someone who should need no introduction to the hardcore junglists, FFF from Rotterdam murders it every time with his impressive releases. I picked out this one, given that it's a free download EP which I would advise people to check out. I would highly recommend his Keep The Fire release which also came out this year and the top track on that; Amen Soldier. "

#5. Beatwife - Dirty Box Men

" Ohhhkayy... what can we say about this? For a long time I've had a lot of love for Beatwife and it really isn't everyone's cup of tea. He had a bit of a quiet spell for a few years but again, if you like this track you'll dive into his back catalog. For me, well I love jungle, acid and hardcore but every now and then I'm looking for something totally crazy and insanely over the top. Beatwife is the mad mad for that. Can't say I'd listen to this everyday, but when you need a hit, man it's powerful stuff  :) "


★ Mr. SPARKLe [Producer/DJ]

       ( soundcloud - facebook - mixcloud )

Here’s my Top 5 of 2014 in no particular order:

#1. Dolphin - Black Gold (PRSPCT Recordings) 

" PRSPCT Recordings have had loads of awesome releases this year, and for me, this is one of the stand-out tracks. "

#2. Sinister Souls - Swing (PRSPCT Recordings) 

" That drop though. This track is from Sinister Souls latest album 'Horns Up'. "

#3. DJ Shimamura - On Your Mind (Futureskool Mix) 

" He’s been one of my favorite producers for years, and this is DJ Shimamura at his best. Uplifting to the max! Japan man!! "

#4. AleX Tune - Ultimate Style (Dance Corps) 

" Real fresh happy hardcore! Alex Tune has smashed it with his releases over the last couple of years. I just can’t get enough of his sound! "

#5. Dr. Peacock - Unite! (Peacock Records) 

" I’m really liking frenchcore this year and this is one of the tracks which switched me onto the sound. "

Big up to the Glowkid, whose blog has been a great source for discovering new music this year. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2015!


★ Beach Club & Relic
     [DJs/Producers/Owners of Tribal Sound & Puff Puff Pass Records]
       ( soundcloud - facebook [Beach Club] - soundcloud - facebook [Relic] )

In no order:

#1. UZ - Trap Shit 18 [Mad Decent]

#2. Tokimonsta - Realla [Young Art]

#3. Fekky x Dizzee Rascal - Still Sittin’ Here

#4. Zed Bias - Shizam ft. Stylo G & Scrufizzer (My Nu Leng Remix) [Black Butter]

#5. ‪Om Unit - The War feat. Jehst‬ [Metalheadz]


★ MELT UNIT [Producer/DJ]
        ( soundcloud - facebook )

#1. Sorry Josh - PZG

" Everything I’ve been trying to achieve with Melt Unit, except better. Seamlessly combining the best elements of Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore, Acid, and Footwork, into a cohesive whole. Since hearing it a few weeks ago has become a massive inspiration, pushing me in my next direction. Track of the year. "

#2. Chainsaw Police - We Stunting

" This has been on the highest rotation possible all year, and is playing in my head if it isn't playing on my phone. I recently re-listened to Kreayshawn's Gucci Gucci and I realised I could never go back. Someone get this producer a female emcee STAT. "

#3. Calculon & Austin Speed - Get Murked (Deft Remix)

" Deft still killing it. Definitely the most exciting producer doing footwork/dnb at the moment. With sound design you’d expect from a house producer, this track is as energetic as it is perfectly clean. "

#4. Synthamesk - Affliction

" Tender in the beginning, slowly building into frustration, releasing that rage, then distributing violence with a measured hand, ending in relief and regret. The rest of the album ‘Evil’ is basically a double album without a moment of weakness. "

#5. Igorrr & Ruby My Dear - Barbecue

"An expertly crafted, meticulous release. Perfectly blending classical, metal, breakcore, and folky piano accordion. To me, represents a culmination of the Breakcore genre, and hopefully inspires producers to truly innovate. "


★ KRAFTY PK [DJ/Owner of Unjustified Records]
        ( website - soundcloud - facebook )

"my top tunes, pretty much only because i play these in pretty much all my sets"

#1. Icicle & Mefjus - Isolation (shogun Audio)

#2. Donny & Audio - Horribly Ribbed (Katharsys Remix) (Barcode Recordings)

#3. High Rankin - Lets Take 8 Beans And Make Love In The Mosh Pit (High Rankin Free Release)

#4. Gore Tech - Hammers Of Blasphemy (PRSPCT Recordings)

#5. Algorithmic & The Teknoist - Callate la Boca (Ninja Columbo)


★ Rob S [Co-Founder/A&R @ Dark Til Dawn Records]
        ( soundcloud - facebook )

#1. Paul Cronin - Now Bad Boy (Dred Collective)

" This track captures everything I love about oldschool hardcore! "

#2. Amiga Jungism - Dreambench (Independent)

" Lush pads, big bass. Whats not to love? "

#3. Manix - One More Time (Reenforced Records)

" Though this came out last year, it's been one of the most rinsed tunes of 2014. Manix/Marc Mac still bringing the old school 20 years in! "

#4. DJ Tray - DnB Funk! (Hyperdub)

" Part of Chicago's Teklife collective, DJ Tre brings the best of Footwork & Jungle into one really lush kinda old school tune. "

#5. Goreshit - Amiga Flu (Total Destruction Records) 

" Right from the get go, the stabs and just everything reminds me of Prodigy on meth. "


★ VITALITY [Producer]
     soundcloud - facebook )'s more than 5 ;)

#1. Figure - Aliens (The Damn Bell Doors Remix)

" Oh my god, this remix is like someone set off a bomb inside your speakers. For those who aren't familiar, The Damn Bell Doors are two guys from Russia who have been perfecting their drumstep sound over the last several years - which they demonstrate flawlessly here. It's just ENERGY - comin' straight at ya! Unfortunately, after a handful of amazing releases and remixes, the project has (temporarily? please!) been put on hold to focus on a new, hard techno endeavor under the name Corvad. Promising stuff. But I have loved The Damn Bell Doors. And I think this remix says it all - "We have the supreme weapons." 

#2. The Prodigy - Get Your Fight On

"OK, so this one isn't out yet (if you don't pay close attention, it's been penciled in as part of their upcoming, 6th album). BUT it's been played live all year, so it's gotta be on the list. This one just screams "THE PRODIGY" to me. It exemplifies everything they're about - big thundering beats, huge sounds, and a chorus that will have the entire crowd chanting along with Maxim. I feel like the message is stated in the same way that "Smack My Bitch Up" was, not to be taken literally but used as an expression to build up energy. And that's exactly what it does!!"

#3. Eddie Voyager - Don't Want To Be A Star

" Eddie Voyager creates a lot of tracks that jump out to me. But each time I hear this one, the build has me instantly hooked. Lush, dreamy vocals and an upbeat, horn lead line lift you up and transport you to somewhere hopeful. Gotta love those quintessential, crisp, punchy breaks and bass lines that bounce all around and keep you movin'. Now bring me back to that horn section! I'm ready to go again. :) "

#4. DJ Luna-C - Emu's In The Asylum

" After a couple years exploring other (folk music) interests, Luna-C picks up right where he left off. ...not that you'd have any idea that he ever took a break, simply by listening to THIS track. It's full of racing, frantic energy, and a combination of styles, delivered in a way that only Luna-C can.  I particularly love the big power hits that jolt your nerves, and of course all the samples and quick edits that are tucked neatly into all corners of the track. Controlled and chaotic all at once - how awesome. "

#5. Oneplayz Feat. Martyna Siermińska - Chimney Sweep Hunter (Nefti Remix)

" This remix melts my brain every time! Oneplayz and Martyna came up with a super-catchy piano and vocal combo for the original. And Nefti rides a similar feel-good wave in his remix, until.... AHHH!! Rude bass squeals, urgent stabs, and sharp chirpy sounds unleash over the clangy breaks to simply annihilate the track. Oh my god, what a rush!! "

And 'cause I simply couldn't resist, here are the next contenders ( should hear all of 'em!):

Sidestalker - These Deadly Rays Will Be Your Death

Producer from the original rave days resurfaces with a hardcore mentality."

Nefti - I Can' Stand It (Orestiz Remix)

Orestiz takes you on a journey as he carves out his own path. "

Ben Venom - Alchemist

" An unexpected combo of influences pulls you in - appropriately titled. "

> Bastik Legion - Omega feat. Jamal Rusk

" Monstrously atmospheric collab moves from drumstep to trap vibe. "

Dave Skywalker - Pandora

" Wild, eery, and addictive shrieking probes directly into your brain "

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