Wednesday, 10 December 2014

[KFA61] Luna-C - A Whirlwind Of WHAT? (Executive Edition) [OUT NOW ON KNITFORCE AGAIN]

1/ Back'n'Back (Luna-C Version).
2/ Because Im Fucking Angry.
3/ Emus In The Asylum.
4/ Fly To Heaven.
Executive Edition Tracks
5/ Take Me Away (Haze Remix).
6/ Back'n'Back (Public Version).
After a 2 year break from producing hardcore music to pursue a folk-rock music project as Reeve, Kniteforce label owner, Chris 'Luna-C' Howell steps back into the rave arena with his long awaited comeback EP 'A Whirlwind Of WHAT? (Executive Edition)'.
Featuring 6 brand new, upfront breakbeat hardcore tracks, 'Back'n'Back (Luna-C Version)' opens up in manic, sampleadelic fashion, merging oldskool hip-hop vox (Eric B & Rakim, Public Enemy, etc) and a plethora of eclectic samples with rolling breaks, pounding bass and euphoric synths to awesomely chaotic effect.
Luna-C takes things of into moodier territory with the aggressive 'Because I'm Fucking Angry' which is propelled with a pounding 4/4 kickdrum, gnarly, growling bass and accentuated with smatterings of breaks along with some seriously pissed off vocals. 'Emus In The Asylum' follows suit and comes in with horror movie samples, raucious guitars, monolithic riffs and an inexplicable focus on 'Emus'! Oh yeah, can't forget the little borrow from The Prodigy also.
Highlight of the EP for me is the astoundingly feelgood 'Fly To Heaven' with it's simply gorgeous pianos, luscious female vocals battling it out with rolling amen breaks and boombastic bass. If ever there was a track that could champion the cause of happy D&B, this would be it!
Included only in the for a limited time only Executive Edition version is the energetic reworking of the Kniteforce Records classic 'Take Me Away' by label newcomer, Haze, who takes the soaringly euphoric happy hardcore original into pounding hard trance territory, with devastating results. Closing off the EP is the 'Public Mix' of 'Back'n'Back', which in Luna-C's own words is the more "normal" version, with less samples than the more traditional Luna-C, eclectic version.
A welcome return to one of hardcore's founding artists and a sure sign that Luna-C and the Kniteforce brand will continue to carry the flag for all forms of hardcore music.
The Luna-C 'A Whirlwind Of WHAT?' EP is available to download as a 6-Track Executive Edition for 4 weeks only, before tracks 4 & 6 are deleted from sale. So get in there early to avoid missing out. It available for a $6.50 (or £4.15 UK money!), just follow the link below. You know it makes sense!!!

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