Monday, 8 December 2014

DJ Pantelis 'Its Just A Feeling (Breakbeat Mix)' [1993]

You could describe it like .. 'Better late than never' or some others stuck to the Oldskool could also say 'better 1993 than nothing'..Well no need to argue with none of these as this breakbeat gem in here is defo.. sexy!
DJ Pantelis (aka Pantelis Kotakis) from Greece takes us back in time and offers us a hidden gem from his vaults as it was released only on white label by a limited number of 500 copies in Germany. This track is called 'Its Just A Feeling [Breakbeat Mix]' and was written & produced by him during October 1993 using for equipment: Roland W-30, Roland S750 and Korg M1. Worth to mention that it was played out for the first time on summer 1994, when he was a resident dj on Acropol Club in Salonica, Greece.
It's an alive feeling, a true goosebumps gem aged 21 years old today, which is still pumping, and rolling inside us! Was really amazing to learn about this track's history and being honoured and happy for this pure Greek product from such an established producer/dj like DJ Pantelis, who's spinning the buzz for over than 20 years focusing mainly on Tech House and Tribal House sounds.
Apart from producing and djing he's also running his labels like Sugar Factory Records ( Synthetical Records ( He is one of the most successful Greek producers in Europe with alot of projects from various genres of dance music.

Press the 'PLAY' button  and enjoy it loud & proud! 
This is ripped by a TDK Chrome cassette and given away on free download to all!

Manic - I'm Coming Hardcore remix - out from  Synthetical Records on March 2015

DJ Pantelis Roland sampler disks



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