Saturday, 1 November 2014

KFA63 Empyreal – Nobody Home E.P (Executive Edition) [OUT NOW!!!]

1/ Nobody Home.
2/ Lo And Behold.
3/ Forward Never Backward Ever.
4/ Death Shall Have No Dominion.
5/ Was There A Time (Executive Edition Only).
6/ Get Medieval (Executive Edition Only).
# Nobody Home Sample Pack (Executive Edition Only).

Emperyal returns once more to the eponymous Kniteforce Again label with his 'Nobody's Home E.P' available with 2 extra tracks plus bonus sample folder for the 'Nobody Home' track in the Executive Edition download  for any budding producers wishing to provide a remix 9with the chance to be featured on a forthcoming release!!!).
Featuring six uplifting hard dance tracks from pumping, euphoric happy hardcore with opening track 'Nobody Home' which appears to be a hybridise many styles and add a seriously cool rap vocal. The acidic belter 'Lo And Behold' and 'Forward Never Backward Ever' also twists up the hardcore formula to great effect while the almost gabba-tinged 'Death Shall Have No Dominion' leads things into darker territory. 
'Was There A Time' gives hard house a kick up the arse as only Kniteforce Again could while 'Get Medieval' closes the EP, offering up an epic, soaring track conjuring up medieval, fantasy themes.
A highly recommended and out of this world EP for any fans of hard-hitting, euphoric dance music.

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