Wednesday, 19 November 2014

[INTENSIVE017] NEFTI 'Music Is My Life' [out on Intensive Recordings]

A friendly producer/dj of me, my radio show and Strictly Nuskool Blog's crew, and an established member of the HCB and Nu-Rave movement, the very respected Nefti from Poland returns on his personal releases with a 2track EP titled 'Music is my Life' which is out now on his label, Intensive Recordings. Massive hcb and rushing pianos from Lodz hardcore head, who's also following new directions these days experimenting with some jungle breaks as working on new forthcoming stuff on Warehouse Wax.

And.....Anyone wondering who Rave Force is? Well, some of you might know him from his remix on Neurygma's 'Sweet Dreams' some years ago on Intensive Recordings. Just to reveal the id and make it clear, Rave Force is the side project of Nefti and a promising hcb dancefloor act.

[INTENSIVE017]  NEFTI 'Music Is My Life'

01. Music is my Life (Original Mix)

02. Music is my Life (Rave Force Remix)

So these 2 tracks are ready to be added to your piano hardcore breakbeat collection from the right hands of Nefti. You can grab your copies now on:

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