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Various Artists - Beats For Gaza Volumes One & Two [Oxfam Gaza Appeal Fundraising Charity Compilations]

Beats For Gaza Volume One
1/ 2Brainz And J Sly - Swisher Dub.
2/ Abstract Illusion - War Is Not A Game.
3/ BABYLON3 - Free Gaza.
4/ Dan Guidance - Slowly Breaking.
5/ Dan Guidance - Who Stole The Soul.
6/ Darkhalf - Last Of Your Kind.
7/ Decibel Lector - Say No To Silence.
8/ Distrax - Filled My Life With Light.
9/ DJ Hybrid - Way Back.
10/ FLeCK - Sunray.
12/ Jonny 5 - Nowhere To Run.
13/ Piker - Volgin (2014 VIP).
14/ Redshift & Vic B - Amen My Bruvva.
15/ Resin - I Watched The Sunlight Dance.
16/ Soulscience - Dusky Sound.
17/ Sound Shifter - Live & Experience.
18/ Sparki Dee - War No More.
19/ Stefano B & Noya - Oh My Gosh.
20/ Stefano B - 7 Days.
21/ Stormski - Not In Our Name.
Beats For Gaza Volume Two
1/ Boss T - Complicated.
2/ Cavil - Tell Me.
3/ Dani B - All Believers (HouseFooL Remix).
4/ DJ Mark C - Support The Cause.
5/ DJ Nicky Allen - Strong To Survive.
6/ DJPC - Shalom (Original Dove Mix).
7/ Dr Wrong & Old Harry Rox - Be This Way.
8/ Eddie Voyager - Music Is My Life.
9/ Exit Point - Everybody.
10/ Hibrid - Full Moon.
11/ Hibrid - Cloudbase 3.
12/ Karnage - Ruff N Rugged!
13/ Libatee - I'm In Love With You.
14/ Love Lizard - Some Kinda Fool.
15/ Luffy - Hold Me In Your Arms.
16/ Mr Sin - X.
17/ Nayim & Luffy - Sweet Heart.
18/ Otter - Grey Skies (Hastings Remix).
19/ Paul Cronin - Hear It Feel It.
20/ P.A.Sound Ft Lu Angel - Sirens Call.
21/ Pursuit - Beatz Not Bombz.
22/ Rockin'N'shockin - For The Junglists.
23/ The Amenator - The Inflicted.
24/ The Deathmaker- The Silence Kills.
25/ Toran Delaney - Delta 503.
26/ Tribe Steppaz - Drop Basslines Not Bombs.
27/ UFBL - Vex.
28/ Unique 3 - Shades Of Grey.
29/ USBS - Act On The Knowledge.
30/ Yell-O-Phase - G.A.Z.A.
As of July this year the Israel/Palestine conflict has resulted in the indiscriminate bombing campaign of the Gaza strip resulting in the displacement of up to 520'000 Palestinians. The Oxfam Gaza Crisis Appeal has provided non-political and humanitarian aid to those caught in the middle of the conflict and strives to gain funding to replace destroyed homes and hospitals, provide  access to clean water and to supply warm clothing for the harsh Winter for those affected.  
To aid the Oxfam Gaza Crisis Appeal, the cream of the underground dance music scene have individually donated a total of 51 tracks towards two huge charity fundraising compilations, 'Beats For Gaza Volume One' and 'Beats For Gaza Volume Two'. The Beats For Gaza project is an entirely independent music venture with 100% of the proceeds raised from track sales going directly towards Oxfam's Gaza Appeal.
The 21 track 'Beats For Gaza Volume One' compilation on the whole concentrates on all variations of drum & bass, with a pinch of downtempo and trance-infused techno included.
For lovers of smooth liquid grooves FLeCK provides the gorgeously melancholic 'Sunrays' while Dan Guidance offers up some soulful, yearning vocals on 'Slowly Breaking' while Resin's epic 'I Watched The Sunlight Dance' conjures up memories of a long faded Summer. If you like your drum & bass deep, dark and heavy Stephano B & Noya delivers a heavyweight 2-stepper with 'Oh My Gosh' closely followed by Babylon3 with the warped bass monster that is 'Free Gaza' and Darkhalf takes us into a journey to the deepside with 'Last Of Your Kind'.
And pure tear-out junglists are provided with the beats for the mind and for the feet with Jonny 5's amen assault 'Nowhere To Run', DJ Hybrid's revitalisation of the classic 1994/1995 jungle sound with 'Way Back' (watch out for that Reece Bass!!!) and Stormski rounds off the collection with the powerful 'Not In My name' which combines rugged bass and breaks with inspirational speech.

'Beats For Gaza Volume Two' offers up a hugely eclectic selection of 30 tracks from deep to pounding techno, bass infused future jungle, breakbeat hardcore, chilled dubstep, house, downtempo and conscious hip-hop. With highlights coming in thick and fast from The Amenator's darkly cinematic take on drum & bass, 'The Inflicted'Hibrid's lush dubstep journey, 'Coudbase 3', Boss T's transcending, euphoric techno with a message track 'Complicated'. DJ Nicky Allen's light and dark straddling, breakbeat stepper, 'Strong To Survive', the ruffneck bass mangling, future jungle growler, 'Ruff N Rugged' from Karnage and veteran bass music legends, Unique 3 with their sublime techno symphony, 'Shades Of Grey'.


All in all there are way too many excellent tracks to review individually, but there is honestly not a single track featured which disappoints musically. Please give your support for the album, as the proceeds will benefit the many people who are caught within a struggle that is not of their choice.

If you cannot find anything in this broad selections of future anthems, then there seriously must be something wrong with your ears. :D 


Individual tracks are available to purchase from £0.75 for 320 bitrate MP3's and £1.20 for lossless WAV files from the link below...


To send a donation to Oxfam's Gaza Crisis Appeal follow the link below...

Below is a small selection of clips the featured tracks appearing on Volumes One & Two of the 'Beats For Gaza' compilation...















Plus don't forget to download Non Compliance's excellent live set from Brace Yourself, recorded on Sepember 12th, 2014 at the 'Beats For Gaza' album launch party. Link below....

Follow the Beats For Gaza Charity Compilation Facebook page here...

[TOTAL 012] Goreshit - Nineties Rave Retrospective, Volume 3 (Total Destruction Edition)

Ealy Hardcore underground label Total Destruction Records (based in Netherlands) is definetely on the most outstanding labels in this kind of sound during 2014 as its owner, Casketkrasher has been doing a serious work offering class EPs mainly from his own productions. This time the mighty Goreshit is the frontman on the 12th EP from the label, spitting his second drop of his personal Nineties rave Retrospective series of EPs' (You can download the first EP from his personal bandcamp page by clicking here)

This brand new second strike then, is all about Happy Hardcore rhythms and Rave spirit on 3 fresh tunes set up to rewind your memories!
Don't waste your time... Grab it now from here Loud & Proud!!

[TOTAL 012] Goreshit - Nineties Rave Retrospective, Volume 3 (Total Destruction Edition) 


01. Mode 7
02. Tooty Fuckin' Frooty!
03. Enter The Funami (Gudsumniksum)



Wednesday, 26 November 2014

"TOP 5 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (25NOV.2014)

This week's showcase was blended Acid Breakbeats, Happy Hardcore, Jungle & Breakcore vibes dressed up with Bangface spirit and including also lots of freshness once again, most of them featured on the 'TOP 5 of the Week'.

Let's start with number 5 and a well known tune titled 'Rock Rock Rock' aged 6 years old from the man like DJ Donna Summer. It's unnecessary to introduce you to this tune, just added it cos the new of the month is about the re-launch of the mighty label Cock Rock Disco founded by DJ Donna Summer (Jason Forrest) and this vibe is featured on a huge album like 'Panther Tracks' released in 2008 from CRD label. Take a look at for more! Moving to number 4 and Australian electronic producer Ninja Gaijin and his latest  darkness, which starts with a sensational piano and then transfers into a big kind like metalcore killer! Mental one really!
Number 3 is from a talented producer, who has already guested on my show about 1 month ago, the owner of Total Destruction Records from Netherlands, DJ Casketkrasher a.k.a Malice and a happy hardcore sweetness from him on his 11th release so far from his label!
Number 2 can fulfill your desire for some hyper footwork & jungle stuff. Melt Unit from Australia is here to 'Switch' all Junglists and turn you on! Class footwork, which must be listened loud & proud only!

Last tune to display comes from a collaboration between a mutant junglist from Bristol in the name of Anorak and a breakcore head like M.D.S.  from Cambridge both known as Pants And Socks and 'Glorified Tubes' is a acid jungle true roller as part of their upcoming EP out from Unjustifed Records called 'Fuck the Tile EP'.. Jungle vibe from another dimension! Strictly for the Headstrong!!!

TOP 5 (GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio - 25th November 2014

05. DJ Donna Summer - Rock Rock Rock [COCK ROCK DISCO]
04. Ninja Gaijin - Forced To Break (2014 mix)
03. Malice - Piano Force [TOTAL DESTRUCTION RECORDS]
02. Melt Unit - Switch
01. Pants And Socks - Glorified Tubes [UNJUSTIFIED RECORDS]

You can listen to full showcase as uploaded in here:

GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow]

Monday, 24 November 2014

LLTA016:: Various Animals - Pure Stilton Hits (out on LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS)

The Animals are back to the streets of Rave and Animalcore. This time they celebrate 100k plays on Soundcloud and release their 16th digital release in the name of 'Pure Stilton Hits' featuring tracks from Wan Bushi, AleX Tune, Matheus, Meow Meow, Terry Sun, Jack Lee, Schnez, Hamsta, Fat Frumos, AcdBrnOut, Regent Cid, pureFILTH, Wit?, Raggamortis.
Some of you might call this release too cheesy but after several listens you will understand how hard can it be! 

Grab it now here


Saturday, 22 November 2014

BHRLP003:: blnd! 'Raver's Delight' [out on BASS HOUND RECORDS]

Never too late to review an Album like this one especially if its about Hardcore Breaks & Mutant Rave vibes! Scottish bass producer blnd! , who has already released tunes on labels like Tigerbeat6, Seclusiasis, Noiseporn, OFF ME NUT, Electrostimulation, TropicalBass Rec, Squelah407, Bass Hound Rec, Untimely Sounds, Slime, Kiosk, Club Soda, had made a wicked 13track Album which is still on free download on Seattle's based label, Bass Hound Records.
This release is titled 'Raver's Delight' was released 2 years ago (June 2012) and features tunes written during 2006-2009, driven from pure oldschool breakbeats, mutant hardcore and a banging remix by Kanji Kenetic on 'Wuts Dat' tune. All tunes are around 135-140 bpm range.

An absolutely rave blast from blnd! showing off his skills and love to the oldschool. 'We Are Coming' says everything about what you are gonna listen next to this LP. Great tune like opening one of this LP!

You can grab the whole release in a .zip folder here:



Finally its worth to mention that bass heavyweight Bass Hound Records is finally back again after some months and calling all producers interested to contact with its management and submit their tunes.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

[INTENSIVE017] NEFTI 'Music Is My Life' [out on Intensive Recordings]

A friendly producer/dj of me, my radio show and Strictly Nuskool Blog's crew, and an established member of the HCB and Nu-Rave movement, the very respected Nefti from Poland returns on his personal releases with a 2track EP titled 'Music is my Life' which is out now on his label, Intensive Recordings. Massive hcb and rushing pianos from Lodz hardcore head, who's also following new directions these days experimenting with some jungle breaks as working on new forthcoming stuff on Warehouse Wax.

And.....Anyone wondering who Rave Force is? Well, some of you might know him from his remix on Neurygma's 'Sweet Dreams' some years ago on Intensive Recordings. Just to reveal the id and make it clear, Rave Force is the side project of Nefti and a promising hcb dancefloor act.

[INTENSIVE017]  NEFTI 'Music Is My Life'

01. Music is my Life (Original Mix)

02. Music is my Life (Rave Force Remix)

So these 2 tracks are ready to be added to your piano hardcore breakbeat collection from the right hands of Nefti. You can grab your copies now on:

CAT03628:: 2BRAINZ 'Meow Meow EP' [out on Conquest Recordings]

2BRAINZ from Ohio are back to their 'second home' like Conquest Recordings offering a 4track release titled 'Meow Meow EP'.
Oldskool Jungle around 160-165bpm including 3 original tracks from Ohio's duet and a remix from Thailand's 45Thieves to 'Meow Meow' tune.


01. Meow Meow (Original Mix)
02. Meow Meow (45thieves Remix)
03. 2B A Gangster (Original Mix)
04. Respect Dat (Original Mix)

Grab your digital copies now on:

Beatport here
JunoDownload here
iTunes here




Monday, 17 November 2014


Some words from Tony D about his mix to Firefox Demon

" A relative newcomer to production , but making top tunes and without a doubt one to watch for the future. With a constant stream of quality tunes on soundcloud of late, aswel as a big file of unreleased tunes sent to me, its a real pleasure to mix up this lot. I have enough tunes left over for a mix 2 which will be done very soon.This type of hardcore is my favourite with 4beat, hoovers & synth stabs galore that rolls in a tune with great bass and amens too. Of all the pennywise remixes that have been done lately I think this one is up there with the best of them imo as its simple yet scatty at the same time."


01. sweet vibrations
02. madda than the krowd [on a madda tip mix]
03. get on a rush [opium confliction mix]
04. nitez with angels
05. ready 2 flow [xcite the mix]
06. sonic destroy
07. pumpkin breathe
08. the spiritual awareness
09. trick or treat [myers loves a stab mix]
10. choose your warrior
11. did they warn you [bogeyman mix]
12. extrantocation
13. science in the blood
14. the dream maker
15. schizophrenic children
16. start the rush
17. thunder in the bass [original mix]
18. force of omega
19. incredible rave machine
20. theory of moebius
21. dreddbeat
22. as darkness falls [original mix]
23. pennywise [bitten by a zombie clown mix]


Sunday, 16 November 2014

GORESHIT - wish i was here (or how things went wrong)

Sometimes words are useless or even better, music can beat words.. This is how i felt when listened to Goreshit's new Album.
Goreshit story started in mid00s as a black metal project and around the last 8 years is a solo project of Leon Makepeace dealing with IDM, Breakcore, Drum & Bass and mostly Hardcore sounds in general with lots of class productions and a great number of releases.
Some weeks ago he revealed his fresh 9track Album titled 'wish i was here (or how things went wrong)' and already receiving big support from the fans. Been listening to this Album several times and this compilation of productions flows well and pumps perfectly into the listener's soul. It's a mental blend of Rave, IDM and Dark elements..

Grab your copies now on Goreshit's bandcamp page here


01. how things went wrong
02. watch it flow
03. they know
04. aczd.fkr
05. more than you know
06. resynth
07. watch me drown
08. d.i.b.
09. wish i was here

Here's a preview streaming all 9 tracks of this amazing electronic trip....


Check out some of Goreshit's forthcoming stuff as uploaded on his Soundcloud page: 

Saturday, 15 November 2014

DJ FX Interview for Strictly Nuskool Blog

1.By way of a brief introduction, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My real name is Nick Richmond, and I'm from Kent in the South East of England. I've been using the pseudonym FX since I started buying records and getting into the rave scene around 92 or so - I'm not to be confused with the Scottish bouncy techno jock 'DJFX'!

I've been collecting records obsessively since I was around 14 or 15, having been introduced to the music via the seminal 'Hype' tapes, played in my mate's dad's car (shout to James 'Chunk' Burrows!) on the way to school. I often felt at the time that I got more education during that 15 minute journey than I got during the school day, when the focus would be mostly on making it through to lunchtime to either play footy, or sneak out down to the local record shop (Biting Back Records, big ups Mickey Finn, Doug and DJ Ollie!) to spend our pocket money... I also fondly remember recording crackly tapes of Cyndicut FM of a weekend, then waiting for months to bag the tracks that the DJs were playing on promo. I was totally starstruck when, years later, I finally scored a slot on the station in the late 90's and met some of the DJs that I had been worshipping as a kid.

2.How long have you been producing?

I've been producing for as long as I can remember. I used to have discussions with Chunk and others about how the tracks on our tapes were made and we came to the conclusion that it must be via whatever black magic could be concocted on these things called 'turntables'!

I begged and borrowed to land my first set of decks back then, which were the customary Soundlab belt drives but I remember later, in around 96 or so, saving for a long time to get Technics and feeling like I was ready to challenge Andy C when I first used them- they were so tight!

After realising that there was little you could really do production-wise on the decks, I remember around the same time another of my friends getting a commodore Amiga. I was fascinated by the graphics and sound which were state of the art at the time, so I begged my mum (RIP) to get me one, and for my birthday that year (and several others combined) she did! I spent the next few months bedroom-bound playing Speedball, Barbarian and Xenon etc, until one day Amiga Format magazine brought out a cover disk with a piece of software called SoundTracker on it, which was probably one of the first pieces of accessible music software available... I experimented, and got absolutely hooked! I used to record Colin Dale's techno radio show onto tape of a night, then the next day record samples into my Amiga and rearrange them into basic tracks. I still have copies of those early tunes somewhere, but they will probably remain for my ears only - for the good reason that they are absolutely rubbish!

3.When you did start listening to jungle/hardcore and how were you introduced to the sound?

As I mentioned earlier, my first exposure to hardcore and jungle was in my mates dad's car in the early 90's. We used to listen to Altern8, Rising High records stuff, and The Prodigy. There was another great track around at the time by Blockbuster called 'Give Us an E', and I think the tape was pretty much worn thin on that section!

I was one of just a handful of kids buying records at school, so whenever there was a party it would normally fall to us to provide the sounds, be it it in the back room of the local pub, or a Social Club somewhere. Other kids I was mixing it up with at the time were Dan Daly from Sunshine Records, and my partner in crime to this day, Tim Becker (DJ Becks).

The earliest raves I went to were some of the World Dances down at Lydd airport and Docklands, which really got me into the scene and were a great way to find out about what tunes were coming out, or just to hang out with other like minded people.

4. As a producer, you favour the 'darkcore' sound that was prevalent from late 92 through to 94, undoubtedly one of the most innovative musical periods of the rapidly evolving rave scene, what is it that 'draws you to the darkside' ?

I love the late 92 / early 93 era of the rave scene, because it is a time when I feel that there was most experimentation going on with the breakbeat sound. Producers were really getting to grips with their samplers, and making the tracks very energetic and exciting, literally anything was going and all kinds of crazy sounds were popping up! There is little or no focus on production polish, so it's all about the soul and vibe.

When we were buying records early on, Tim would pick up lots of the uplifting piano tracks, so I would get jungle and the darker stuff. Between us, we have a real solid history of the depths of the rave scene in the 93-98 era, all on wax.

My other obsession, apart from records, is horror films. It's pretty well documented which films have contributed to some of the biggest dark side tracks of the era, such as The Evil Dead (Scotty) and Marked For Death (loads of tunes!) etc, but I really love digging out new samples from others in the genre to make pads, or a hook for a track. There's plenty of legs left in this sound yet, trust me!

5. You must have a few all time favourite tracks from the era, can you name a few?

There are a few tracks that never leave my box. Some of my favourites are: Whitehouse Crew 'Where the Sun Don't Shine'. I use this as a reference track when mixing down my own material, it's so heavy and has all the elements to make a great darkside track: doom-laden pads, deep bass, crisp, energetic breaks and some cool vocal snippets.

Goldseal Tribe's 'You Will Die' is another killer. When I play this out, it either results in a sea of screwfaces and knowing nods... Or the dance floor empties, depending on how hardcore people are! No-nonsense orchestral stabs (I think from a Bond movie), lashings of breaks and the sinister 'You will die' vocal looped over the top, makes for a real paranoia inducing five and a half minutes of pain!

Another great piece of wax is 'Darker Side of Evil' by Mega City 2. I'd recommend anything by these guys, but this one particularly stands out, as the production detail and creativity are jaw-dropping. Way ahead of its time.

6. If you could have produced alongside anyone from the oldskool era, who would it have been?

I think a fair amount of pioneering in this genre was done by the guys up in the midlands and, for that reason, I'd give my left arm for just five mins in the studio with Tango and Fallout! Pretty much anything with their names on from 1993 is essential, and is always going to be a benchmark that 'new' dark side tracks are measured against. I've been fortunate enough to meet both in recent years, and they are absolute legends and really cool to talk to. I'm also incredibly lucky to have Fallout's old Akai S950 in my studio, which is one of the central parts of my rack and definitely an inspiration to use.

7. Tell us a bit about your label, Demonic Possession

I started Demonic Possession simply as an outlet for my jungle musings and a definite way of making tracks final, which can be difficult in the modern sea of production tools and plugins. There's no way of going back to edit a tune once the lacquer is cut!

It's definitely not a money making venture, as anyone else who is running a vinyl label will attest to, but there is something very satisfying about pressing records, as opposed to releasing your creative efforts into the digital void. It's something I will always do exclusively with stuff on the label as l think it stands as a mark of respect to the track, to actually put in onto a physical format.

Running a record label is also something I've always wanted to do, but another factor is that after filling in most of the gaps of my collection thanks to Discogs and eBay, I now struggle to find fresh oldskool material on vinyl for DJing, so I have to make my own!

8. You have a really authentic sound, its as if the tracks you make really are from 93/94 albeit with superior production and sound quality, do you use hardware from that era to get that spot on sound?

The first three releases on Demonic Possession are created purely on software, using a secret formula of plugins to dirty up the sound! One of the key aspects though is that I created an environment in Logic that resembles as closely as possible an oldskool analogue studio. It's strictly limited to 16 tracks, only has a couple of reverbs and a delay on 3 busses, and the sampler uses just 8 outputs at a time. I don't use 15 compressors on every channel and I avoid using modern filter sweeps and effects that might sound out of place in a 93 style track. Working within these limitations really gets you into the mindset of how engineers in bedroom studios back in the day would have to work.

Nowadays I am working on hardware with a couple of Akai S950s, and a few outboard synths (Korg M1, Roland JV1080 etc) for pads and layers. I run these into a 24 channel audio interface for mixdown inside Logic, which for me really is the best of both worlds; authentic oldskool sounds, and all the advantages of a modern DAW for mixdowns. My next releases will be straight out of this set up, so I can't wait to find out how they are received!

9. Why in your opinion did it 'go all dark' post 93? I don't think many could dispute that the ravescene has had one of the fastest developing soundtracks, from the early 90s, right through to the current day. Every year has a different flavour, and the dark side sound was no exception. I think a lot of what had come in the previous year was quite uplifting and musical, and so someone was always bound to flip the switch to make something new and distinct. The healthy competition between producers to really push the boundaries and create something bigger and badder than everything else is still one of the factors that defines the scene to this day.

The fact that the scene was moving so fast musically, especially back then, I think means that there is still probably quite a lot of space still to explore within each of the subsections, although I hate to pigeonhole the music in that way. As long as people are making the style they enjoy making and not following a trend, then the quality of music tends to be a lot higher; the trends will naturally follow.

10. Are there any current producers and labels you would recommend?

Special props to Simon at 7th Storey Projects and Jude at Yellow Machines, who have shown faith (or madness!) and released my stuff on vinyl over the last couple of years, amongst some other seriously credible artist's work. Also Allan and the lads at Kode5, who are doing a great job at unearthing and promoting new artists in the scene.

But also, for quality releases, supporting the vinyl scene and generally keeping the pressing plants busy with oldskool style wax, I'd recommend checking out: Switchblade Vinyl 6109 Records (Blog to the Oldskool) Green Bay Wax Criterion Records Scientific Wax Retro

11. Anything in the pipelines music wise from yourself and Demonic Possession?

Demonic Possession is definitely a 'seasonal' affair, so I've kept it quiet in the summer while the great weather was maintaining everyone's high spirits! Now the nights are drawing back in a bit though, I've been locked in the studio getting a couple more devilishly dark bits lined up for release in various places. The first will probably come in digital form on a special Halloween release that the Blog to the Oldskool label are arranging, and I'll follow this up with Demonic Possession Volume 4 on vinyl in the late autumn. I'm also weighing up some stuff from a few other producers that I think will really add something to the label's scope, but with the focus still squarely on the dark and deranged end of the spectrum

12. Thanks for taking the time to speak with Strictly Nuskool Blog, any last words and shout outs?

Apart from the others mentioned earlier here, I'd like to make a special mention of thanks to my family who regularly put up with all sorts of horrifying screams and torture samples emanating from my studio at all hours! Also shouts to my Rewind! rave gang; DJ Becks, Dan Rewind, Maxim, Maverick and the other regulars at our parties.

Finally, if you like your beats rare and scary, then you can catch me quite often on the weekend on Radio Frontline, amongst some of the scenes serious movers and shakers from back in the day! Big ups! 

DJ FX's next release on Demonic Possession is due out very soon, stream a preview below and check the info for more details


Twitter: @DP_Recordings

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

"TOP 10 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (11NOV.2014)

Can't describe my feelings everytime i do this weekly show.. It's first of all a kind of expression all over these years.. So gotta thank again all supporters, producers, labels who stay next to it.
Let's go now to the 'Top 10 of the Week' with selected tracks as played out on the latest Generation X RadioShow.
Starting first of all with number 10 and a massive riddim from Narcs (owner of Riff Raff Sounds) part of the latest Junglism 002 Album - free download from Ransaked Recordz.
Number 9 goes to DJ Rad Rod & Modkre a.k.a 2Brainz and a funk jungle-808 tune like 'Respect Dat' part of 'Meow Meow EP' out from Conquest Recordings.
Number 8 goes to USBS, who is sitting on the tops on TrackItDown Breaks Charts with his 'Euphoria' vibe and featured tune from him in here, is a forthcoming gem signed to Hardcore Lives Records (first signed tune of him to the label) called 'Electrotronic'. Number 7 is a Jungle War Dub by a well known Footwork/Bass duet like Beach Club & Relic. Class producers both of them and it's a good way to find out more about Footwork by investigating their stuff closely..
Number 6 is a mental hardcore breaks remix by the very well known Nu-Rave act like Damage Inc. (Sonic Fortress). This remix is included on a Pennywise Remix Comp along with 17 other remixes - available on free download. Number 5 is a Footwork conspiracy between Dubsknit & PZG, 2 Polish producers blending a higher state of juke + adding SNAP samples and the result is totally sick! Part of a ltd CD Album titled "We Rob Rave LP''.
Hardcore junglist don FFF from Netherlands is an already established producer/DJ in the scene. Featured tune 'Burnin' is a hard amen nuclear bomb part of 'Can't Find a Dub Like This' [Murder Channel]. Simply class Breakcore....Worth also buying his brand new 'Warzone EP' out from PRSPCT Recordings. Moving to number 3 and AlexBreako (GR) meeting with DJ Wislov (ES) on a darkside killer 'dish' like 'Clearchous Echeyed' which hit the tops on the first 5 days of its release on Trackitdown Breaks Charts [Out on Kode 5 Recordings]
Number 2 is a wicked acid footwork remix by skillful producer PZG on Nonfuture's 'Acid Werk'. Hot uplifting 303 % stuff!
Last tune to review comes from Robbie P and .. Mr Kirk your son is.......BOOOOOM... OVERDOSE!!! ... No doubt a big hardcore bizniz! Lifts you up and away!

TOP 10 (GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio-11th Nov. 2014)

10. Narcs - Nah Go Bow [RANSAKED RECORDZ]
09. 2Brainz - Respect Dat [CONQUEST RECORDINGS]
07. Beach Club & Relic - Jungle War Dub
06. Neuromancer - Pennywise (Damage Inc. Edit)
05. Dubsknit & PZG - Sorry Josh [INTRUZ CLOTHING]
04. FFF - Burnin' [MURDER CHANNEL]
03. DJ Wislov & AlexBreako - Clearchous Echeyed [KODE 5 RECORDINGS]
02. Nonfuture - Acid Werk (PZG Remix)
01. Robbie P - Overdose

GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow]

Monday, 10 November 2014


artwork by Oskar Jeff (Northern Rock)
artwork by Oskar Jeff (Northern Rock)

Nooch and Bio-kem have set up a series of strictly junglism LPs all available on free download via Ransaked Recordz bandcamp page. The second part of this series is out now and features 18 sick Oldskool/Ragga Jungle bombs out from Hampshire's located digital label. Its the 5th release so far and props go to all producers involved like Msymiakos, Narcs, Exit Introvert, Osci, Specter Junglist, The Brown Noise, Kharman, Hamsta, OmniRhythm, Pastaman, L3ft Lucas, 16AJ, MDS, Matheus, Doomham, Cypha, Esh-Lad and SuM.
The Nuskool Junglists 'Dream team' in one compilation!! You couldn't expect more i suppose...
Show some luv, grab it here and spread it as deserved!


SF027:: DJ Wislov 'Dragonfly EP' [out on SONIC FORTRESS]

Sonic Fortress grabs the chance to show off the talent of Tenerife's hardcore head like DJ Wislov offering this EP from him. A great addition to the mighty hcb label and a skillful non stop nu-rave machine from Spain who's already hitting the tops on Trackitdown Breaks Chart with his tune ('Clearchous Echeyed' ft. AlexBreako).
DJ Wislov meets Sonic Fortress and the long awaiting 'Dragonfly EP' is finally out on digital format (vinyl release will be out soon/t.b.a.). 4 original tracks of him + a remix (on 'Dragonfly') by the usual suspects and Spanish established duet like Neurygma.

Grab your copies now via SF bandcamp page. Click here to purchase


01. Dragonfly
02. Hardcore Madness
03. Mr. Rave (Bonus Track)
04. Dragonfly (Neurygma Remix)
05. Come Back