Tuesday, 28 October 2014

[SD05] SMD #5 (Three Track Limited Edition 12" Vinyl E.P.)

A - SMD#5 A.
AA1 - SMD#5 AA1.
AA2 - SMD#5 AA2.
After near 20 years of dormancy legendary hardcore rave DJ and producer Slipmatt has revitalised his SMD (Slipmatt Dubs) alias and label for it's final release including two oldskool dubplate mixes from 1996 and 1998, plus a brand new SMD/Slipmatt track for 2014. The SMD brand was famous for it's uplifting reworkings of classic oldskool anthems, done in Slipmatt's inimitable breakbeat hardcore style, and 'SMD#5' continues on with that same 'cheeky' theme.

The brand new for 2014 opening track, 'SMD#5 A1' adds understated breaks, pitched up James Brown hiccups and rave stabs alongside an iconic acid-breaks bassline to create a 'tweakin' hardcore acid monster of a tune.
Also featured is the 1998 previously only ever available on dubplate 'SMD#5 AA1', which features elements of the classic 'Dreamfinder' anthem from 1992 given a euphoric, stab and phat kick drum-driven breakbeat hardcore roller. To round things off 'SMD#5' AA2, AKA the 1996 dubplate remix of anthemic happy hardcore release 'SMD#1', combines the legendary '40 Miles' piano section with pounding kickdrums and hands-in-the-air rave stabs.

A positively perfect selection of previously unavailable dubplate mixes, plus a brand new track to bookend the very much loved SMD label. The 'SMD#5' vinyl release will be available in limited quantities only, and to add to the collectability, each vinyl will be personally signed by Slipmatt himself. So make sure you get your pre-orders in, as these will be sure to sell out fast.

The 'SMD#5' 12" vinyl is available from Slipmatt's World Of Rave website for the bargain price of £9.99 (plus postage and packaging). In addition to all this 12" goodness Slipmatt has 'SMD#5' t-shirt and hoodie bundles on offer too. Follow the link below for all order details...


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