Friday, 12 September 2014

Silent Force - Silent Force EP [Limited To 200 Copies Vinyl Out Now!!!]

A1 - Tiger Feeling.
AA1 - Afterlife.
AA2 - In The Groove.
Brand new oldskool sounding, Jungle/Drum & Bass label Silent Force Recordings from Greece based artist Silent Force steps into the fore with it's first vinyl , 3-track EP. Opening track 'Tiger Feeling' features soothing flute sounds and ferocious breakbeat choppage over a lively, bouncing bassline to create an intensely energetic track. 'Afterlife' follows next with tearing amens and gorgeous harp twangs before a twisting synth stab is introduced. Last but not least, 'In The Groove' rounds up the EP on a soulful groove with stepping breaks, chilled bass throbs and soothing synths.
The 'Silent Force EP' on a whole is steeped in classic jungle styling and wouldn't have sounded out of place on classic labels like Reinforced and Whitehouse, or even on more current labels like Scientific Wax and Foundation X. A pure Jungle/Drum & Bass EP where breakbeat manipulation is has been a fore running factor.
Mastered by jungle/drum & bass/future jungle legend Bay B Kane, this is an essential release for all vinyl heads and junglists.
To order your copy at the UK & Europe price of £9.99 per copy (plus P&P) follow the link below...

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    This is now available to buy on vinyl as a limited edition 200 only white label press only available to order at or www.discogs/user/markcox. They are selling out fast so don't delay as once they are gone they are gone.