Sunday, 28 September 2014

SIDESTALKER Interview @ BBC Radio Introducing - Northampton [27 Sep. 2014]

It's the return of a mighty producer/dj from the early 90s, the man like Breyt Redvers under the name SIDESTALKER (based in Milton Keynes) who had the chance to got involved some ages ago with the legendary Criminal Minds and released his own stuff on the TCM Records/Labello Blanco Recordings in the age of 15 under the alias 'Autonomy'.
Breyt's latest project, Sidestalker, can be described like a  recreation of Old Skool Digital Hardcore combined with Modern Day Experimental Sequence Design.

Check out his interview on BBC Radio Introducing in Northampton talking about the acid house & breakbeat scene back in the day and how's at the moment, such as his influences, his equipment and many more! 

(The tunes playing during the interview are produced by him and you can find them on his bandcamp + soundcloud page)


Check out some fresh and powerful Oldschool inspired tunes of him on an Album called "The Return of Oldschool" >


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