Monday, 29 September 2014


White Tower returns,today with a blazin EP!
Motiv brings the familiar quality Greek sound while White Tower newcomers Rehalibitaion Units back Motiv up
superbly!I look forward to upcoming releases from them!

1.Motiv,After Your Blue Eyes

Nice crisp and punchy drums with classic breaks accompanying slide into a lush piece of early millennium trance.
If you go back to early 00's John B,this would not sound out of place in one of his epic sets.
Sliding more modern influences into the tune,this is as hard as it is nice,lush and musical.
Beautiful pads and synths do not take away from the growling bass thats underneath!
DJ's do not sleep on this!This needs to be in your sets! - 7/10

2.Rehabilitation Units,Final

Nice mellow intro builds nicely into some rolling DnB beats with the pads swirling and building.
Reminds me of the 80's and some old movie soundtracks,again sounding like that good ol John B style.
This ones not so much for the dancefloor but would be lush on a long car journey or games console session.
Really nice use of arps and synths! - 5/10

3.Rehabilitation Units,Monday Morning

More great Trance & Bass from this EP,this one starts with great synths and keys slowly filtering in a half
tempo drumbeat before dropping a dirty,spitting bassline,then the synths return but at the same time feel the
sub that accompanies it!more filtered drum breaks and spitting bass,
this is a great track that will grow on you the more you hear it! - 7/10

Overall,this EP is pure quality,pushing a sound we don't hear enough of!
This is musical Drum & Bass and if you're a fan of John B or Camo & Krooked I suggest you check this out!
I'm going to give this EP overall - 7/10


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