Thursday, 11 September 2014

[KFA62] Doughboy – Heartbreaker E.P (Executive Edition) [Kniteforce Again - Out Now]

1/ Heartbreaker.
2/ Bass Is Kickin.
3/ Pump It.
4/ Holiday.
5/ Chill (Executive Edition Only).
6/ Hardcore Sirens (Executive Edition Only).

Kniteforce Again returns onto the scene once more, this time introducing label newcomer Doughboy's debut release the 'Heartbreaker E.P'. featuring 4 full on, pumping, euphoric, bass driven tracks (6 if you get in early for the Executive Edition release).
From the trance-tinged title track 'Heartbreaker', a pounding piece of upfront hardcore with clever use of vocal edits and it's trap/bassline house influenced companion 'Bass Is Kickin'. It becomes clear that Doughboy has spanned his EP across several genres whilst keeping a similar ecstatic vibe throughout.
'Pump It' adds a touch of modern drum & bass to the mix, whereas the excellent 'Holiday' takes us on a moodier and unexpected hardcore-ragtime romp (trust me on this, it works a treat!). There's piano-infused, acid hardcore on the cards for Executive Edition exclusive track 'Chill' and to round things up Doughboy bookends the EP with some classic, breakbeat happy-hardcore with 'Hardcore Sirens'(just check the oldskool rolling breaks on this one!).

All in all, a future classic 6-track EP packed with energetic dancefloor bangers.

The Doughboy 'Heartbreaker E.P' is available from the Kniteforce Revolution link below...

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