Monday, 29 September 2014

[KF62] Kingsize & Vibena – Midlife Crisis EP (KNITEFORCE CD RELEASE - OUT NOW!!!!)

Midlife Crisis EP
1/ Kingsize & Vibena - Got To Have It.
2/ Kingsize & Vibena - Hot Temptation.
3/ Kingsize & Vibena - Come My Selecta.
Remastered Kniteforce Records Back Catalogue
4/ DJ Force & The Evolution – Escape The Feeling (Remastered).
5/ DJ Force & The Evolution – Mine All Mine (Remastered).
6/ Alk-E-D – Absolutely Flying (Hero Mix) (Remastered).
7/ Alk-E-D – Absolutely Flying (Zero Hero Mix) (Remastered).
8/ Future Primitive – Full Metal Jacket (Remastered).
9/ The Trip – The Snowball (Remastered).
10/ Alk-E-D – Selector (Remix) (Remastered).
11/  The Trip – The Snowball (Remix) (Remastered).
Following on from their Cru L T 'No More Ideas EP' CD release, Kniteforce returns once more with a brand new 3 track EP from original oldskool, happy hardcore producers Kingsize (Class-A-Records, Panic Project) and Vibena (Universal Records). Combined with 8 additional Kniteforce Records back catalogue re-masters from DJ Force & The Evolution, Alk-E-D, Future Primitive and The Trip.
The brand new tracks by Kingsize and Vibena follow a strong happy hardcore path, with underlying breakbeats. The Force Mass Motion inspired 'Got To Have It' features stabs aplenty over a pumping kick drum accentuated by a rolling amen break and instantly recognisable vocals. 'Hot Temptation' combines classic oldskool vocals with rushy stabs and pianos and a similar breakbeat and kickdrum percussion to great effect. The 'Midlife Crisis EP' is rounded off by the pounding 'Come My Selecta' which implements euphoric riffs and uplifting pianos with chipmunked female vocals and ragga MC quotes.    
As in tradition with previous Kniteforce exclusive releases, the 'Midlife Crisis EP' CD will contain secret links to WAV copies of the 3 Kingsize & Vibena tracks, plus other digital goodies and 'other stuff' which is being kept under close guard from Kniteforce headquarters, and available only with CD orders.
All this for a criminally low price of $9 (which averages around £7.39 including P&P to the UK). So no excuse not to get this one ordered pronto. Details for purchase are available on the link below...

A digital MP3 release of Kingsize & Vibena tracks 1-3 will be made available soon at

Here's a little mini-mix of the first 3 tracks by Vibena to whet your appetite...

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