Saturday, 23 August 2014

Beat Rapist - The Filth [320 Bitrate MP3 - 12 Track Free Album]

1/ Total Filth.
2/ Suck My...
3/ Overdose.
4/ Lost In Jungle.
5/ Love Doves & Amens.
6/ Loved Up.
7/ Special Request.
8/ Bring The Horns & XTC.
9/ Black & White Pills.
10/ All Pilled Up.
11/ Coming Up Cold.
12/ Window Panes.

In the Market town of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire something deep, dark and disturbing lurks therein. One of the hardcore, jungle and drum & bass scenes' most prolific and darkest producers, Beat Rapist has unleashed a 6 month in the making, 12-track heavyweight collection, accurately entitled 'The Filth' on the world's innocent ears. Featuring the dark master's trademark use of live rave crowd and MC samples from fondly remembered oldskool mixtapes, ear-shattering hardcore riffs and stabs, grimey and filthy bass growls and intricately programmed breaks.

Right from the tearing amen assault on opening track 'Total Filth', it's rave-tinged, hard house follow up 'Suck My...' and the stepping junglism of 'Lost In The Jungle'. Beat Rapist displays his love for all forms of hard-hitting basslines, chopped-up breakbeats and punishing stab patterns. Although there are signs of light on tracks like 'Loved Up' and 'Special Request' with their euphoric rave melodies and the exquisite closing track 'Widow Panes' (that synth melody!!!). 'The Filth' is on the whole the sound of the Apocalypse set to a rave soundtrack. I could imagine that this is what the Terminators would be listening to on their Walkman's whilst exterminating the human race, which I reckon is the perfect compliment for these sounds.

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