Sunday, 31 August 2014

ASRD018 - B.C. Rydah - The Blunted One E.P. [out now on Audio Science Recordings]

Audio Science Recordings from L.A. bringing you a BIG 4track EP, which is available on free download via their facebook page. So...It's B.C. Rydah in the front featuring 2 original tracks of him 'Bluntology' and 'Soundz of the City' along with 2 great remixes from Meanstreak and Setwon. L.A. junglist conspiracy with a great nuskool result!
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Saturday, 30 August 2014

BOMBEATZ184:: The Rumblist - Metal Eyes EP [out now on BomBeatz Music]

I remember when first time listened to the Rumblist tracks from his first Kut Off Records release and got shocked! After a couple of releases and many 'free' tracks from him, he is still being focused on 140 heaviness breaks or dubstep not forgetting how to produce a 'beast' tune proper to dancefloor and turn it to a 'bass bomb'!
His fresh stuff is signed to US label, BomBeatz Music and keeps the same known formula. Heavy breaks, gnarly basslines and sumptuous melodies will draw your attention on these 4 massive tracks!

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BomBeatz Music

Friday, 29 August 2014

MCFREEEP001:: FFF - Can't Find a Dub Like This [out now on Murder Channel]

Murder Channel label from Tokyo has started a new series of free stuff via MC official bandcamp page featuring old/unreleased tracks. So the first EP is out now and comes from the mighty Dutch junglist producer/dj, FFF - titled like "Can't Find a Dub Like This''.
This EP includes tracks that were previously released on a limited CDr, which was received by the first people who have bought FFF's "20.000 Hardcore Members Can't Be Wrong''
All track are originally produced by FFF and worth to mention that except 2 original tunes from him, all others are remixed by producers: DJ Sharpnel, Non Human, Mirra + Fay and Thye.

Njoy the clips from the EP grab it now here and spread it







Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Sam White a.k.a Retropolis is celebrating the launch of his brand new webplace and is about to give away on free download 4 oldskool influenced rave breaks tracks of him throughout September via his website. Pay close attention cos its gonna be like 1 track per week limited to 50DLs per track. Just visit the "events" section everytime to see the countdown of the tracks....

Spread the message then about these 4 killer dancefloor tunes and show your support to a quality producer/DJ in the Nuskool NuRave scene like Retropolis. Big in the place!


Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Heres a few tracks from the 71 track August Freebies playlist we have put together, all 71 are great but it would make a pretty lengthy playlist, you can check out the rest on our soundcloud page, big ups to all the artists and labels!!!

Monday, 25 August 2014

K JAH- Supaclash EP [Ruffneck Ting]

Birmingham's finest returns with another EP of killer DnB on Ruff Ting Records, the title track is an electric hyperactive slice of skanking jungle with big old skool style warp bass and ragga vox

Cola Cubes with Vytol is a skanking 2 stepper with seriously phat jump up influenced bass

Rough Times is peak time DnB with a nice melodic and energetic vibe plus some nice R&B style vox

It Gets Better goes old skool hardcore with a timeless ravey stab, ever so slightly dark with a urgent vocal adding to the tense atmosphere, my personal favourite from this excellent release 

Thats A Fact showcases Hip Hop influences and the filthiest of basslines to boot, a perfect way to close proceedings

Another must have EP from K Jah, get it here:

Sunday, 24 August 2014

DJ Overdose - Hardcore Breaks Mix - August 2014 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Some words from DJ Overdose regarding his fresh mix

"This month has returned back to my usual mix of hardcore breaks, old skool remakes and some amen junglism, with a smidge of garage (speed cabbage!)
Still this month there are a few great tracks, some of which are unknowns as can be seen from the tracklist. Any ID's welcome!
These Deadly Rays Will Be Your Death is quite a banger! Few happy and a few dark tracks in the mix, hopefully will be to everyones taste this month.
Shouts to Gunnee, Gunnee Jr, Laura and all the Apple Core crew. Hopefully on Dream FM soon. Big up all Dream crew.
Big shout to Rick, Ginny and fam;)
Respect to Monita and Monk.
Thanks as always to all my supporters: Glowkid, Nickynutz, Geezah and everyone on Nu Rave Radio"


01 - DJ Ovedose - Parents Intro
02 - DJ Mark C - Sightseers From Space
03 - Baduga - Acid Funk
04 - Impact Beat - Runnin' (Remix)
05 - LooP-EZ - The Bouncer (The Bass-E-Line Mix)
06 - Amiga Breaks 4 (Hardcore)
07 - Cavil - Journey Forth
08 - Amiga Breaks - Energy (Bass Enhancer Amen Mix)
09 - These Deadly Rays Will Be Your Death
10 - My Heart...
11 - DJ SS - DJ's Anthem Volume 1 (Dj Nicky Allen Remix)
12 - Bay-B-Kane - Because Of U (DJ Owl 2014 Remix)
13 - DJ Nee - Johnny Dubplate Revisited
14 - Outer Conflict Part 1 - Revenge of Venus
15 - Force Mass Motion - Panic (Pursuit Remix)
16 - Raw Basics (JAM1 Remake)
17 - DJ Overdose - Expected To Die...


Saturday, 23 August 2014

Beat Rapist - The Filth [320 Bitrate MP3 - 12 Track Free Album]

1/ Total Filth.
2/ Suck My...
3/ Overdose.
4/ Lost In Jungle.
5/ Love Doves & Amens.
6/ Loved Up.
7/ Special Request.
8/ Bring The Horns & XTC.
9/ Black & White Pills.
10/ All Pilled Up.
11/ Coming Up Cold.
12/ Window Panes.

In the Market town of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire something deep, dark and disturbing lurks therein. One of the hardcore, jungle and drum & bass scenes' most prolific and darkest producers, Beat Rapist has unleashed a 6 month in the making, 12-track heavyweight collection, accurately entitled 'The Filth' on the world's innocent ears. Featuring the dark master's trademark use of live rave crowd and MC samples from fondly remembered oldskool mixtapes, ear-shattering hardcore riffs and stabs, grimey and filthy bass growls and intricately programmed breaks.

Right from the tearing amen assault on opening track 'Total Filth', it's rave-tinged, hard house follow up 'Suck My...' and the stepping junglism of 'Lost In The Jungle'. Beat Rapist displays his love for all forms of hard-hitting basslines, chopped-up breakbeats and punishing stab patterns. Although there are signs of light on tracks like 'Loved Up' and 'Special Request' with their euphoric rave melodies and the exquisite closing track 'Widow Panes' (that synth melody!!!). 'The Filth' is on the whole the sound of the Apocalypse set to a rave soundtrack. I could imagine that this is what the Terminators would be listening to on their Walkman's whilst exterminating the human race, which I reckon is the perfect compliment for these sounds.

Beat Rapist's 'The Filth', 12-track album is available as a free download on his Soundcloud page link below...

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If you enjoy the album please give support by purchasing Beat Rapist tracks and EP's from the following stores...

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Mad Dog - Monged Out (DJ Nicky Allen & DJ Mystery 2014 Remix) [STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG FREE EXCLUSIVE]

1/ Mad Dog - Monged Out (DJ Nicky Allen & DJ Mystery 2014 Remix).

Strictly Nuskool Blog exclusively presents the premiere of DJ Nicky Allen and DJ Mystery's tearing re-working of the underrated 1993 classic, 'Monged Out' by Mad Dog. Nicky and Mystery take you on a trip back in time when hardcore was all about crunching breaks, growling basslines, stabs and hoovers. And the 2014 'Monged Out' remix features all the elements which made the music so innovative back then and continues to do so to this very day. Just check out those Basement Records influences and the twisting techno riff!!!

'Monged Out' (DJ Nicky Allen & DJ Mystery 2014 Remix)' comes courtesy of Kode 5 Recordings who have very generously provided a free 24-Bit WAV Master for free download. Please follow and support the artists and label on the links below the media player...

Soundcloud pages... &

Kode 5 Recordings Facebook page...

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

DJ WISLOV- The Dreamer- HC recordings

HC Recordings return with another quality track by DJ Wislov, a haunting jungle roller that could sit somewhere between 94-95 in terms of style, opening with some sweet percussion and ambient sounds with a bit of Wislov's melodic piano for good measure building into some classic breaks and atmospheric pads and eventually going in with some warm reese bass and tough drums before another massive atmospheric drop, influences of Formation Records and DJ Crystl can definitely be heard in this euphoric track, yet another essential tune from HC REcs and DJ Wislov

Buy Links:

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Msymiakos - Back 2 The 90s [out now on Ransaked Recordz]

UK d&b/jungle underground label Ransaked Records delivers a fresh 3track EP with the Norwegian producer, Msymiakos as the frontman and a sweet mashup covering oldskool jungle vibes dressed up in a nuskool way.
Grab your copy and name your price here


01. The Future Was Here
02. Rub a Dub Style
03. The Way it Goes Down



Friday, 8 August 2014

Gareth Monks - Acen's Urban Breakdown [Strictly NuSkool Blog [Exclusive Free Download]

 An epic Strictly Nuskool Blog exclusive free download from hardcore breaks producer Gareth Monks. Merging elements from two huge oldskool hardcore anthems to create a nuskool hardcore anthem in it's own right. Expect massive rave stabs and riffs, booming basslines, euphoric vocals and rolling breaks like 1992 never ended.

If you like this then please give your support, likes and following to Gareth Monk's Soundcloud page. There's loads more of this on the link below...