Thursday, 10 July 2014

[Hi Headz 035] Clarke-E Cat & Triple Sod - Present Nostalgia EP (FREE 320 MP3 FROM HI HEADZ)

1/ Clarke-E Cat - Yellow Bentines.
2/ Triple Sod - A Couple Of Fortnights In A Bad Balloon.
Long running Serbian based drum & bass/jungle label Hi Headz take a brief departure from their usual output of free 160+bpm D&B EP's to offer two seriously slamming oldskool hardcore tracks from Clark-E Cat and Triple Sod. 'Yellow Bentines' and the intriguingly titled 'A Couple Of Fortnights In A Bad Ballon' both take you back to the heady dayz of 1991 hardcore. Bringing forth a rave fuelled nostalgia trip with simple rolling breaks, soaring synths, booming bass and plenty of stabs and samples. Watch out for the 'Yellow Bentine's 2 Bad Mice style scratch samples and the heavy Sheffield bleep track bass throbs in 'A Couple Of Fortnights In A Bad Balloon'.
Essential downloads for anyone who's head is still set firmly in the oldskool days. Be sure to check out Hi Headz excellent selection of nu-skool jungle and drum && bass too. All available for free from the Hi Headz Mediafire page and Soundcloud pages below.
To get your FREE download click on the link below and the click on the downward pointing arrows when hovering over the individual tracks...


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