Friday, 20 June 2014

"TOP 10 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio (19JUN2014)

This week's show can be described like 'rave bangin & warehouse influenced' between 145-190bpm range, delivering 2hrs of Hardcore Breaks, Mutant Hardcore, Acidtek, Jungletek/Ravecore/Breakcore vibes, showing off the different aspects of Nu-Rave! Let's go to a small review for the 'TOP 10 Of The Week' [tracks in random position]. So..first of all starting with Manarchy's 'Cretinator' from the brand new Acme Bass release 'Into The Rabbit Hole EP', a sick mutant hardcore tune on a wicked 5track compilation, as we are going to 2 more 'hardcore' tunes. One from the nu-rave tune machine, Paul Cronin who sampled William Orbit's classic anthem 'Adagio For Strings' into a nu-rave gem like 'Adagio For Rave', part of Operatic Boom EP, which is out now on San Fransisco Nights Records. The Scottish producer, Lee Van Corsa (known for 'LSD' tune on Endor Vol.5) tried something unusual by remixing the godfathers of electronic music, Kraftwerk's 'The Robots' into a 154bpm rave hardcore atmosphere..Worth sitting to the top10..
Time for some Breakcore buzz now.. Lets raise up the BPM range.. AcdBrnOut from UK delivers a wicked EP on Long Live The Animals (one of the most supporting and friendly labels of GenX show). 'Chemical Stimulations EP' is a 5track EP and 'Phatfighters' maybe my highlight from it. Already gained much respect from the listeners, when dropped it so I suggest you'd better check out the whole release if you are fancy of this kind.
Some days ago, was the launch of a fresh label like Pacemaker Records from Bristol, found by Hamsta, Dave Hat and Mega Rosie, 3 party addicts and hardcore jungle lovers!
Hamsta's 'Awaited' is taken from a free 3track EP, second offer so far from the label, titled 'Broken Promises', and its all about 3 big rave bangers! Grab it now!
 Kode 5 Recordings is about to release their 1st ever breakcore tune leaded by Dave Hat new alias like I Wolf, and tune's called 'Dying Trying'.
The German producer, Breakforce One took me reel back when i first listened to his breakcore 'Tribute To Dune' a killer megamix to one of my fav 90s acts ever. Its out now on 'I've Visited Breakcore Last Week, It's Alive And Well EP' on Core Collective Records and its big indeed.
Props to Dave Skywalker for his amazing work so far to the Nu-Rave scene and his label, Endor Recordings. Tag EP#1 and TAG EP#2 ak.a NDR 9 & NDR 10 are out now [CD & digital format] delivering different kinds of RAVE! AleX Tune from Ukraine is an essential member of these new NDR releases, bringing a happy ravecore 180bpm choon like 'Get Warm' which is also sitting in the top10 of the week as deserved!
Finally, closing with 2 tracks from respected and lovely producers/DJs of the show.
The established DJ/Producer and Jungletek Queen, MandiDextrous is about to release the 3rd vinyl on her label, Amen4Tekno Recordings and 'Dance To Give It Up' is a part of this awaiting forthcoming release. Raggatek for rudeboyzs and only!!
Bad Boy Pete, aka Champion Breaks, is the dj, the producer, the friend and the label owner who delivers warehouse tekno with dub elements and some mental breaks parts on his label Anarko Dub Tekno.Strictly for the headstrong! 'PsychoDub EP' is out now on London 909 and needs your acid-support right on!

Manarchy - Cretinator [ACME BASS RECORDS]

09. AcdBrnOut - Phatfighters [LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS]

08. Kraftwerk - The Robots (LVC Robot Rezerection)

07. IWolf - Dying Trying [f/c KODE 5 RECORDINGS]

06. Breakforce One - A Tribute To Dune [CORE COLLECTIVE RECORDS]

05. Hamsta - Awaited [PACEMAKER RECORDS]

04. Mandidextrous - Dance To Give It Up [AMEN4TEKNO RECORDINGS]

03. Champion Breaks - PsychoDub (303Tribe Remix) 

02. Paul Cronin - Adagio For Rave [SAN FRANSISCO NIGHTS RECORDS]

01. Alex Tune - Get Warm [ENDOR RECORDINGS]

GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow]

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